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  • Niall Horan one shots
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    flufffy niall oneshots

  • The Library Boy {Niam}
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    The 18 years old selfish Liam Payne has everything he can wish for. A luxurious apartment, popularity, an expensive car, enough money for anything he wants. His friend Harry challenges him to live in his old home in Wolverhampton for 6 months, he will go to school there and won't be allowed to spend more then $2500 ea...

  • Trouble✔ (Niam mpreg)
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  • Niam Horayne One Shots (boyxboy)
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    A few Niam one Shots, Feel free to request or give me prompts, I'll dedicate those to you, Enjoy :D

  • Clarity « Niam
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    For the last year Niall has been raising his son on his own, that is until his internationally famous ex-boyfriend decides to make an appearance in his life and again. Telling his ex about their son wasn't something Niall ever wanted to have to explain, but with the public eye baring down on him, he might just get bac...

  • In Real Life (Niam/Nouis/Zarry)
    7.1K 592 16

    Niall lives in a land of dreams. He knows in his dreams everything will be sweet and perfect but in reality everything is cruel and harsh. He doesn't think he can deal with the mean people of his quiet quaint little town anymore. He'd rather be a prince locked in a tower, waiting for that knight in shining armor who w...

  • Your Lips || Niam
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    [Completed + AU] "My name is Niall, and what would you like, sir?" "I'd just like to stare at this beautiful boy in front of me." "well u-uhm.. you'll have to let the other customers go first.." "Liam. The name is Liam, Niall. you have a beautiful name." "th-thanks.. but wait.. is there something on your lip." "no.. w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Count On Me | Niam
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    "She's my daughter too. Don't I get a chance?" "You want a chance?" "Yeah, I do. Not just with her, either." _______________________ Liam and Niall parted ways years ago. One joined the X factor whilst the other found himself learning how to change a nappy. Liam became part of the world's biggest boyband and Niall bec...

  • But now you're in my way (BoyxBoy AU) Niam Horayne
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    You know the clichè? Yeah? The one about the girl literally stumbling over the guy, eyes meet and they fall in love? Well that's pretty much my story, but with a few variations… in this relationship I, Niall James Horan, I play the girl and he, Liam James Payne, is my world. (Niam Horayne with a lil' bit of Larry Styl...

  • Love Isn't Flowers (Larry Stylinson/Niam Horayne)
    74.5K 2.3K 26

    My name is Niall Horan and I like the most popular boy in school, and so does my best friend, Harry. You see, Harry and I are the outcasts of the school, bullied for being gay. But when we finally get to talk to our dreamboys, a lot of shit goes down. And not everything goes good. As Liam and Louis would say, "Love is...

  • Beyond My control (niam horayne) (boyxboy)
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    (I wrote this when I was 13 and it's my first fic so ur allowed to laugh and cringe lmao) Niall is truly madly deeply in love with his best friend and bandmate, Liam Payne. Liam is apparently oblivious to his feelings. And when liam's girlfriend joins them on tour, Niall can't take it any more. but how can you hide s...

  • Never • Say • Never § a Niam Horayne collab fanfic [AU]
    203K 5.5K 36

    Niall Horan and Liam Payne are two normal high school kids who CAN'T STAND each other. They hate each other so much that every waking moment of their lives is spent terrorizing each other. But what happens when they get into a fight and are forced to spend the day together in a tiny room, dealing with in-school suspen...

  • Niam One Shots
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    All sorts of different Niam one shots... P.S. I do take prompts!

    Completed   Mature
  • Zianourry Smut
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    A collection of Zianourry one-shots/smut.

    Completed   Mature
  • Inevitable (n.h.) [ON HOLD]
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    when liam, niall's frustratingly hot, next-door neighbor starts to show up everywhere, he doesn't know what to do. it annoyed niall to no end that this punk guy started showing up to his workplace-the only place where he could avoid liam. and liam loves to tease him, so now niall had no escape from this boy he had tr...

  • Four Alphas (Zianourry One Direction)
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    Niall Horan is just an omega that has to move schools because alphas were forcing themselves on him to mate him. Niall moves the London from Ireland and goes to school at London High. Being the new kid in January doesn't fit well with him. When he does go to school, he meets friends and finds out about the rulers of t...

  • One direction zianourry (not completing)
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    This story starts of as all the bromances but one love troops the rest~ nouis ~ smut and fluff !

  • The Uni Students (Niam Horayne & Larry Stylinson)
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    Niall, Harry and Zayn are starting their first year at University and just getting into the lectures and the what not’s at uni when they have a surprise meeting with second semester boys and the schools most popular two Liam and Louis, Do things kick off? What happens when no one is good enough for Harry does a certai...

  • Niall Centric Smut-Shots
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    Collection of smut-shots that are centered around Niall Horan.

  • Oneshots
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    These oneshots are about my ships in 1d (mainly Niam and Larry) Lots of fluff and and maybe smut, and trigger warnings will appear before the one shot :)

  • Niam one shots
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    Here is were I keep all my niam one shots, enjoy.

  • Niam One Shots
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    A collection of Niam one shots, written by myself. Most will be my own ideas that just didn't develop into a whole story, but some will be prompts. Cover made by the fabulouis @_All_The_Ships_ ©niamandstuff

  • Tough Love - Niam
    23.6K 1.2K 17

    When Niall agrees to run the Tough Mucker; a twenty-kilometre muddy adventure over an obstacle course, he's expecting it to be just a bit of a laugh. The training will be tough, but Niall could use the motivation to regain some of his fitness. Liam is the sexy cousin of one of Niall's coworkers who decides to join the...

  • Not so straight - Zilliam, Ziam, Ziall, Niam (One Shot)
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    (One Shot) The modelling job was really only something to help Niall make ends meet. The offer seemed to good to be true. Being paid to pose for some photos; seemed easy enough. Right? Except Niall had no idea that the modelling he had signed up for... Wasn't so straight after all. --------------------------- This One...

  • One Direction One Shots (BoyxBoy) [Completed]
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    Hey guys!! Bromance one shots only in this story!!! So we usually only do fluff but we do smut too (Maybe not great smut but yeah cut me some slack!) Every one shot you have in mind, I can write! -Larry -Lilo -Narry -Niam -Zouis -Nosh -Ziall -Ziam -Nouis -Lirry -(one of the boys)+Josh -Zianourry (however you spell it...

  • Niam Smut
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    Ok this my first ever smut I have ever written I only thought of it but now I'm gonna write it. There is only going to be ten then I'm done but maybe I'll do more, alright so please don't report me for this and if there is any rude comments on this I will delete this instantly. I hope you enjoy

  • One Direction Niall Centric Bromance One Shots
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    Im going to start these and I hope that you will like them. Prompts are greatly appreciated. I would love to do these for you guys, so please do not hesitate to give me ideas. Thenk you! I will do, Narry, Nouis, Niam, Nosh, Jiall, Zianourry and Ziall Ziall is my favorite bromance so it will be easier to write them bu...

  • Hello there Mr. Socially Awkward (Niam)
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    Liam, a.k.a. Mr. Socially Awkward developed a crush on Niall, a.k.a I am Mr. Popular slash bully's boyfriend the moment he laid eyes on him. But when Niall's boyfriend cheats on him, will Liam be able to comfort him?

  • Plot Twist ((Niam))
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    Almost all my life, I was bullied for being gay and shy. Every single day was torturous until Plot Twist: I woke up as a seemingly depressed member of a famous boyband diagnosed with Amnesia. Plot Twist: almost everyone loves me and accepts me for being gay. Almost. Plot Twist: I fell in love with a band member and no...

    Completed   Mature