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  • A Couple Steps Back
    667K 43.1K 71

    They failed, and they weren't proud of it either. With nobody left to save, and nothing left to do, the three men have given up all hope. Obito and Madara and merciless, and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Death after death, battle after battle. They're tired, and they're done. They thought they'd already foug...

  • The Wanderings of a Pirate Named Zoro (Naruto + One Piece Crossover) [On Hold]
    9.9K 295 11

    Zoro gets lost even worse than normal.... and ends up in the world of Naruto. And he somehow manages to drag a few other swordsmen along with him. Sword vs. Ninjutsu

  • Wait for me {One Piece X Reader} ✓
    86.4K 2.9K 31

    | SLOWLY EDITING | | THE SEQUEL HAS BEEN RELEASED: Prologue + Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4 | This book has a few grammatical errors but read if you please. It is said to be fast paced so I apologize in advance if that bothers anyone. » Highest rank || #1 on OnePieceXReader Hot List « ---- » "I'm not going to help anyone el...

  • Ima gonna make sasuke gay!
    6.1K 103 6

    Alice hates her reality and one day is given the chance to escape it. Kami tells her that she will become Sasuke Uchiha, but she still thinks Naruto is cute. She wants to make Sasuke Gay! Will she succed?

  • REWRITTENFound(tokyo ghoulxvampire knight)
    23.6K 745 15

    when 15 year old umi shima gets sent to america and gets attacked by a ghoul on her first night there,she attacks the ghoul by biting it.a fatal mistake,for her.she turns into a one-eyed ghoul just like kaneki.3 years later,(after mastering her new ghoul side,)she is transferred to the elite boarding school in vampire...

  • Queen Titan (Reader Insert) (OLD) [BOOK 1] ✔️
    179K 6K 29

    Queen Titan Y/N was a legend to the 3 walls.Everyone told story's of her to there little kids all the time. She was an Idol to everyone in the walls. Kids wanted to be just like her someday when they grow up. Y/N killed so many Titans that she was now know as 'Queen Titan'. But unfortunately,people soon heard that Y/N...

  • I'll Bite You To Death! [Naruto]
    427K 12.4K 44

    Kurotsuki Chika; a twelve year old, seemingly crazy S-Rank criminal - the youngest one in history. Bound by an immortal curse and a demon who cracks dry jokes, Chika was sent to the Akatsuki at the age of eight. Now at the age of twelve, she is sent to Konoha where our mental heroine is meant to spy on the Kyuubi. Tea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Naruto Shippuden: The Legend Of White-Wolf Shadow [Naruto Shippuden FanFiction]
    34.2K 1K 40

    After a few days break since Team Kakashi's last mission and Kakashi had recovered fully from their last mission, another suspicious activity by Akatsuki all over the Lands had put that team on work again. In the meantime, an answer to a mystery of long-lost Konoha legendary creature had shown up, that might pulling i...

  • OH NO I messed up the Naruto world
    113K 3.3K 41

    She's Nell. She's a 13 year old girl as of today, and she's a Narutard. Her friends are too. They can talk for the whole day about just one episode. If She ever went into the Naruto world she would have so much fun. Only bad thing is she would probably get hurt because she's such a clumsy person. Her parents are split...

  • A New World, A New Me. (A naruto fanfiction)
    313K 10.9K 34

    A girl from the real world makes a wish and finds herself in an entirely different place than before. While trying to figure out what to do she hears of a place called Konohagakure. As in that city from Naruto. So she travels there herself to change the world as we know it, finding some things out about herself along...

  • Bleach life 2
    1.1K 72 12

    After the battle with aizen nothing is going is the way she planned. She her true love her powers are almost gone and more drama has come. The bounts want Rita for power and the soul society thinks she is a traitor. What will she do? Find out in bleach life 2!

  • Bleach life 3
    940 62 12

    After the battle between the bounts, Rita finds nōzōmī in a bag forgotten and unwanted. Rita does everything she can to protect her from reigai will she succeed? Find out in bleach life 3

  • Bleach life 4
    690 60 12

    When Rita saves nōzōmī and the battle is over, Rita is now worried about īchīgō. He has lost his powers and meets kūgō gīnjō. Rita thinks īchīgō maybe in trouble. Want more? Find out in bleach life 4

  • Sucked In Another World
    799 24 4

    Kate was just a normal girl. That was until she was sucked into Naruto. She had a best friend that was sucked in too but she doesn't know where she is. As she wonders through Naruto she looks for her best friend and to also find a way out. Will she find her best friend and leave this world or will the two best friends...

  • Bleach life
    977 16 1

    a girl named Rita Sumato thought she had a normal life. But think again. Once she met Ichigo her world fell upside down. One she discovers that ichigo is a soul reaper, she discovers that she is one to. She is trying to save the people she knew and her friends from the espada and from lord aizen. Two people that are e...