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  • His appearance is deceptive. (An Ed Sheeran FanFic.)
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    His eyes are blue, bright blue. They seem really innocent, but I know they aren't. Yesterday all I wanted was for him to look at me, know I existed. I loved him so much, but now all I can feel is fear, fear for those betraying blue eyes. I'm afraid of him, afraid of his strong arms with all those childish tattoos on i...

  • Moments... (An Ed Sheeran fanfic)
    95.8K 3.8K 50

    Heartache and devastation seemed to follow Louise around like a bad smell, especially when her boyfriend Harry broke up with her. A spark of luck strikes when fate guides her into the arms of a charming, ginger haired boy: Ed Sheeran. Her luck fails to last as tragedy hits them, making their relationship change foreve...

  • Speechlessly Yours, Mr. Sheeran//Ed Sheeran [Being Edited]
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    16 year old Deja has a problem, and her problem is that she madly in love with her choir teacher, Mr. Sheeran. After beginning to send him letters signed D, both the teacher and the student find themselves in a sexual relationship on and off the paper. •sexual content

    Completed   Mature
  • Thinking Out Loud // Ed Sheeran
    381K 9.9K 76

    Meredith makes her living off dancing. What happens when she gets asked to dance with Ed Sheeran? "Loving someone is like riding a bike; you might need a push at first, but after the first time, it's not so hard." /////////////////////////// my Wattpad name used to be infection1D but now it is yea_okay so that's why t...

  • Little Bird (Ed Sheeran)
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    {bonus book} ✓ - She’s a hopeless romantic– when it comes to others. She doesn’t believe in love to herself, she doesn’t believe someone could really love her. And when a platonic love becomes a real one, the always-tough Moni will show how fragile she really is; the strong girl now turns into a little bird when he kn...

  • Autumn Leaves (An Ed Sheeran Fanfic)
    22.7K 786 31

    Heartbroken Jessica is forced to live in a childrens home as tragedy strikes her life, leaving her only family member left, her mum, dead. Whilst staying at the home she befriends a young, talented boy called Ed and they soon fall in love. With many difficult obsticles planted in their way, will their love last? Or wi...

  • Dreaming Silently // Ed Sheeran
    46.3K 1.8K 43

    ~Sequel to Thinking Out Loud // Ed Sheeran~ "She's all I need; nothing more, nothing less. But I can't have her." "He's still the love of my life, but I promised myself I wouldn't forgive again."

  • London's Calling : Ed Sheeran Fanfiction [Wattys 2015]
    79.8K 2.3K 58

    Stuck in a new city, Leylah finds herself in the midst on new faces that push her away. All but a man in a hoodie with raggedy sunny orange hair.