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  • What Once Was Lost {Hobbit Fanfic} Book 1
    12.8K 701 57

    (Title Doesn't relate to the Arkenstone!) A young girl, whose race is barely known to Middle Earth is put in danger when she, her mother, and many others have to flee their town by order of The Royal Family. Not long into the journey a tragedy occurs, leaving her alone and confused. Questions and problems appear thr...

  • A Thousand Miles[Thorin Oakenshield Love Story]
    71.5K 3.2K 43

    Alyndra is the only daughter of a dying race. Most of her family was whipped out by the vile creature; Azog the Defiler. When she was 5. her father discovered she was gifted with her mother's animal and he kept her safe from the rest of the world to protect her. Alyndra has never left the comforts of her home until th...

  • An Unexpected Journey [Thorin Oakenshield]
    26.5K 1.3K 75

    Athena seeks out her grandmother to tell her one of her favourite stories. The Hobbit/Percy Jackson Fanfiction. Follows the three movies. Thorin/OC.

  • The Skin-Changer's Daughter (Hobbit Fanfic)
    79.4K 2.6K 62

    Eleana is a Half-Elf. She's lived in Lothlorien for many years, ever since her village was destroyed by orcs. She is also a Skin-Changer. Her mother was an elf, her father the notorious Beorn. She has lived happily under the care of the lady Galadriel for many long years but when Gandalf the Grey sends for her, she m...

  • The Dragon Girl
    77.1K 2.5K 24

    "Wisteria Greenleaf at your service." I bowed at the halfling. He gulped, "I never knew an elf was to come to my home." "Neither did I." I whispered as I walked inside only to see a large group of dwarves sitting in the dining room. My teeth ground together as I saw the leader, Thorin Oakenshield. Wisteria is an elf b...

  • Daughter of Beorn: The Hobbit Fanfiction
    330K 12.8K 55

    ~ The sequel to "Daughter of Beorn" has been released! Check it out! It's called "The Skin-Changer Prophecy." ~ ============================================= Gandalf looked down at the small child partially hidden behind the skin-changer's legs. Her green eyes sparkled as she tossed a small pebble at the stranger's fe...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Archer Queen (the Hobbit/Kili)
    781K 18.7K 91

    Cassandra is a trained assassin, knight and a personal bodyguard to Lord Dain of the Iron Hills. What happens when she receives a letter from Dain's cousin Thorin Oakenshield asking for her to accompany himself and his company of dwarfs on their quest to reclaim their home, Erebor. However, the dangerous adventure tha...

  • Curse of the East (Fili/The Hobbit Fanfiction)
    82.4K 2.9K 63

    Saria Baggins is half human, half dwarf and has spent as much of her life as she can remember living in the Shire. A place she is thankful for, but eager to leave; always dreaming of living one of the adventures she has spent her life reading about in books. She has no friends other than Bilbo Baggins, and she would l...