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  • Where I Should Be
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    Finding my place in this world

  • I Promise. ♥ [KathNiel]
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    Im Kath, and Dj is my Super-ex-Boyfriend. (= A KathNiel Fanfic. :">

  • My Princess :) :* [KathNiel <3]
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  • The Super Girlfriend
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    Back then, I was only the super fan. Now, I am already the super GIRLFRIEND. - Kathryn Bernardo <3 (MUST READ THE SUPER FAN FIRST!)

  • Textmate [Kathniel]
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    One wrong send that leads to one great love story. This is Blue Bear and Ms. Loner's story :) (started writing this story when I was in 3rd year high school. I'm sorry for errors and typos! Hello to my friends Bert, Rafael and Lette who inspired me to post this story here. Cheers!)

  • Dating The Class Valedictorian (KathNiel)
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    [ Complete Compilation of Book I & II. ] Dating The Class Valedictorian ✍ ( KathNiel ) Kassandra Villanueva is one of those overly intellectual obsessive, or socially impared well-being. In simpler form, she is one of those nerds. Boring isn't it? Pero pano kung ang the playing cool guy dude of the University invites...