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  • Second Best [Completed]
    226K 3.2K 77

    Status: COMPLETE Fouled love's season TWO l Ash x Myco x Almira's story

  • My Cruel School [COMPLETED]
    2.2M 20.3K 60

    [will edit this soon] -_MissRed_

    87.9M 963K 98

    (Completed) | No Soft Copy | My name is Nami Shanaia San Jose. And this... is my-- our story.

  • My Spoiled Brat Wife (Editing)
    2.3M 39K 57

    Si Heidi Jean Castillo ang kilalang anak ng isa sa pinakamayaman sa kanilang probinsiya. Unlike her siblings, siya ang pasaway, sakit sa ulo, crazy spender, bitch, at spoiled brat. Kung anong gusto niya ay nakukuha niya. Lahat ng nais niya ay naibibigay at nakukuha ng walang kahirap hirap maliban lang sa isa. Ang aten...

  • Cinderella is Married To A Gangster! (Complete)
    11.7M 269K 70

    [COMPLETE] Who is Cinderella? Sino nga ba si Cinderella? Ang pagkakaalam ko kasi sya yung babaeng palaging inaapi ng kanyang Evil Stepmother and Evil Stepsisters, pero kahit na ganun, nagkaroon naman sya ng happily ever after with her prince charming. But what if hindi naman pala 'and they live happily ever after...

  • Marrying Bench Arish Ramirez : COMPLETED
    455K 10.2K 67

    A girl was forced to marry Bench Arish Ramirez, to merge the company of their family, paano kaya magkakasundo ang dalawa kung may minamahal ng iba ang isa

  • I'm His Unwanted Wife (On-going) #Wattys2016
    3.4M 42.8K 66

    Honestly, at first I didn't know though it was an accidental encounter till now I've learned more about sorrow than happiness maybe that's the purpose why I'm His Unwanted Wife. - Morgan Book 2 "A HEARTLESS WINTER" This story contains of Grammatical errors & Typographical errors. Please bare with me. #UneditedChapte...

  • I Will Never Fall In Love To A Gangster : NFILTAG BOOK 2 COMPLETED
    656K 22.6K 72

    Never Fall In Love To A Gangster Book 2 na po ito Basahin niyo muna ang NEVER FALL IN LOVE TO A GANGSTER bago niyo basahin ito para hindi kayo ma spoil Hindi niyo maiintindihan to kapag hindi niyo pa nabasa ang Book 1 (NEVER FALL IN LOVE TO A GANGSTER)

    217K 3.4K 55

    Status: C O M P L E T E D Ash and Myco's story.

  • Sweetest Lie (Completed)
    4M 67.7K 60

    "Why can't you accept it? Hindi kita magagawang mahalin. It's always been Katrina."

    31.5M 560K 82

    I ran away-- I ran away from everything. I ran away from them. I ran away from the pain because of loving him too much. I ran away with the secret of me bearing his unborn child. I never regretted loving him but I wish that I won't see him ever again.... But indeed fate has its own game. 'Cause when I finall...

  • The Girl He Ever Noticed [TGHNN 2]
    11.2M 395K 33

    ***THE GIRL HE EVER NOTICED (TGHNN Book 2)*** A Sequel of THE GIRL HE NEVER NOTICED The funny love story of Eros and Jade continue. Read how they cope up with the challenges of a newly wed couple. Will Jade adjust easily being a wife of a billionaire? Will she still be the same Jade that we learn to love? What about E...

  • #MayForever
    108K 1.9K 10

    Si Portia ay nagtratrabaho sa film industry bilang production assistant and she gets her first ever project. In order to earn another project she must work hard and prove her worth on her current project and pass her evaluation. Sa kinasamang palad, nalaman niya na isa sa mga scriptwriter ay si Raver, ang lalaking nag...

  • WIN HIS HEART by TineaGarcia
    973K 27.1K 68

  • Perfect Stranger (Published - WATTYS 2016 winner)
    19.6M 356K 28

    "Just because you're a virgin, doesn't mean you're special. I never liked one and you're no exception." - Magnus San Diego. ********** Pinalaking konserbatibo si Sheila Mariano kaya nang siya'y magka-boyfriend pinairal niya ang no-se...