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  • Wish (#Wattys2016 Winner)
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    (Received #TrailBlazer Award during the WATTYS AWARDS 2016) Maabot nga ba ng isang hiling ang isang malayong bituin? STATUS: On-Going

  • KiligPaMore
    11.5K 216 5

    A little Aldub story.. I hope you enjoy!!

  • memento
    7.2K 264 1

    a glimpse in the life of youtube celebrity, maine mendoza, on and off the camera. (or the one where i'm seriously just desperate to have a youtuber!maine and supportive boyfriend!alden kind of AU because bruh imagine the endless possibilities)

  • Play of Fate [COMPLETED]
    55.7K 3.2K 32

    A story of family, friendship and unexpected love. This is an AU story. The main characters that will be used here are: RJ Faulkerson Maine Mendoza Jerald Napoles Sam Gogna Jake Ejercito Credits for the photos used on the cover: Ctto for Alden's photo (sorry I really can't remember where I got it sorry ✌️) Jerald : in...

  • In Five Years (One Shot)
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    "Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza," He said with a loving look on his face. "I love you more than anything in the world. You make me the happiest man just by existing..."

  • BTS with MaiChard
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    This is a work of FICTION. I just can't stop my mind thinking of all the possibilities that could happen behind the scenes with MaiDen. Inspired by the pictures of aldub.bts on Instagram BUT IN ANY WAY NOT RELATED TO THE SAID ACCOUNT. Again, THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Credits to aldubxfeels for my cover!!

  • Road To Forever
    200K 6.4K 24

    Aldub/Jeleen/Sapat fanfiction. Valeen Montenegro and Jerald Napoles are getting married. So before they tie the knot, they decide to have a week long roadtrip/backpacking around the Negros Islands. They want to bring their friends along with them. The problem is: Jerald's bestfriends and Valeen's bestfriends hate eac...

  • #ALDUB One-Shots
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  • Just For Us
    44.1K 1.4K 3

    Is it the right right time for Alden and Maine's first kiss? (For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, I posted a short one-shot there that people really seemed to like so I'm sharing it here. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!) Cover photo credits: Coca-cola TVC, edited by maichard21

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  • Arrange Marriage: Destined?
    297K 8.7K 47

    Arranged Marriage: Destined? (Book 1) (AlDub Inspired Story - Completed) #38 in FanFiction (Highest Ranking) May 12, 2018 Note: This story is not edited. Aldemar Denreich Richards - Alden Richards "Dad! Is there any other way?! Why me? Why not the lawyers? Why not the accountants? The book keepers? WHY ME?!" My voice...

  • Evermore
    69.6K 1.8K 9

    In our lives, we are entitled to at least one perfect day. And that perfect day for two individuals who made people believe in forever, was today. It was a day that toasts were exchanged; tears were copiously shed; prayers silently said; countless emotions felt and laughter definitely abounded. It was a day of celebra...

  • Not A Love Story
    58.1K 3.3K 39

    A MaiChard story. Not in any way related to the real people but what the heck. Slow build (weh?!) Slow updates (who am I kidding here?) Apologies for typos and SVA issues Please enjoy (ah...yeah sure! ) Comments are ALWAYS appreciated. Nakakataba ng kaluluwa, promise.

  • Missed You
    672 25 1

    It has been a week and Maine hasn't heard from Alden yet. She misses him, does he miss her too?

  • The Mystery of Breakups
    1K 42 2

    Alden didn't understand why people cry over a break up. That was until Maine came along. ♥ I've had this story in the drafts for I don't know how long, and it's just now that I had the guts to post it :) It's not a sad story - even if the title and the tagline suggest that it is. I don't know why I wrote it, but I was...

  • Alden's Birthday Wish || AlDub Maichard Fic
    23.4K 235 11

    This is a 3-part One-shot with a possiblity of a sequel *wink wink* January 2, 2016 Today is Alden Richards' 24th Birthday. He is excited to celebrate this special day with the EB Dabarkads, his second family. But he is mostly excited to celebrate it with a particular girl who has lately made his life much more meanin...

  • All That I Live For
    23.5K 443 5

    Internet sensation-turned-actress, Maine, tries to adapt to the world of acting where it's everyone's business to "make believe", but how does she know when an onscreen romance ceases to become just an act? How does she deal with a love that might possibly turn from reel to real? This is a creative re-telling of th...

  • After the "CUT!"
    78.8K 2.7K 39

    A collection of oneshots/drabbles about Maine Mendoza and Richard Faulkerson Jr. A mish-mash of happenstances - already happened, happening now, or will happen in the future. Contains AUs as well, until I get over my laziness and segregate them into different books. Disclaimer: these are all work of fiction. Wag fun...

  • [OneShot] One Call Away
    5.7K 164 1

    It was sunday. This time, he needed her, and she knew the reason why. (Imagined scenario that could've happened that made M tweet that last sunday.:)) I am not as good as the other writers but I hope you like it. :)

  • Mending Hearts (MaiChard)
    39.3K 1.4K 19

    One of my favorite 90's movies is the Parent Trapped and I think most of you are familiar to that movie and now, I decided to have an adaptation and have MaiChard as our main characters. Wish me luck. HAHAHA Hope you enjoy it! Introduction Two baby girls are separated because of what happened one night. The other on...

  • 21
    15.8K 660 2

    Maine is finally turning 21 and RJ promised to spend the night leading up to her birthday with her. She's excited, a little anxious but she can't imagine spending her 21st with anyone else. This is a work of fiction. We are not insiders, nor do we claim to know more than what Richard and Nicomaine choose to share wi...