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  • Return (A Garmau Fanfic) {Book 7} DISCONTINUED
    41.9K 934 21

    I'm getting kinda bored of writing these summaries all the time but whatever, here's book 7

  • #Garmau: The Rise of Adon [CANCELLED]
    1.2K 37 8

    A new adventure arises as the couple settle with their new lives. Aphmau plans her journey to her old village as she is accompanied by Garroth of course, Nichole, and Dante. Little do they know what lies ahead. This is the sequel to #Garmau!

  • Garmau Fanfiction
    7.7K 168 42


  • Another Garmau Fanfiction
    32.1K 633 20

    First I want to say that This is based on a youtube series called Minecraft Diaries. The story is about a girl called Aphmau that is the lord of the villige Pheonix Drop and her head guard Garroth that is secretly in love with her and he is too shy to confess.His best friend is in love with the same girl , and her br...

  • Guarding your heart (a garmau fanfic)
    26.3K 443 15

    Garroth likes Aphmau and he will do whatever it takes to guard her heart even if it means stealing it

  • Interdimensional: A Garmau Story
    31.8K 756 19

    Cover Claim: @MermaidsDontDoHW Aphmau lives in a small Minecraftian Village with her 'son' Tommy and her friends, Polly, Prince Reese, Prince Marsh, and Laila. A while back, Tommy's father had left their dimension and returned to his own. When Aphmau travels through the portal to his dimension, she is thrown into a ne...

  • Angel From Above (A Garmau Fan-fic) *I CANT DO IT :T*
    23.6K 552 35

    1 year into the war with O'Khasis, Garroth decides its finally time to tell Lord Aphmoo his feelings for her. Little does Garroth know, Aph likes him too. She just never said anything because she was too afraid of putting herself, Garroth, and Phoenix Drop in danger. This is what happens when Aphmau lets those feeling...

  • The Guard in Shining Armour//A Garmau FanFic
    6.1K 118 15

    This story starts from the beginning of when Aphmau and Garroth met, but the story has a romantic/fan girly twist to it and I hope you like my first ever FanFic, enjoy

  • Garmau
    2.3K 36 12

    #GARMAU4LYFE lol But Aaron is still pretty Hawt though XD

  • Garmau, A Love Story
    36.7K 882 45

    A lovely Garmau love story....under different circumstances's the same true love that everyone suffers through at some point in their life!