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  • I'm Inlove with the Campus Queen (KissWard)
    27.9K 1.2K 54

    I'm in love with the campus Queen but the sad thing she even don't know that I exist.

  • I Hate You, I Love You
    8.8K 370 17

    [!!!!] DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY IS PURE FAN FICTION ONLY FOR EDWARD BARBER AND KISSES DELAVIN ALSO KNOWN AS KISSWARD. You might encounter similar happenings inside the house because somehow I am still basing it on how they act inside BB's house. But this story has nothing to do with their personal lives. Hope you'll li...

  • Unexpected Love
    211 15 2

    KissWard po ito (Kisses Delavin and Edward Barber of Pbb Lucky Season 7) I made this story para sa fans ng KissWard. At para sa mga taong na inlove sa best friend, tropa, classmate o kaibigan. This is a Finfic. That means hindi po totoo ang lahat na nangyayari sa storyang ito. nakukuha ko lamang ito sa aking imahinasy...

  • Yes, I'm In Love With You!
    766 14 11

    Ang 16 years old na teenager na galing sa Germany na si Edward Barber AY inlove na inlove Kay Kisses Delavin, ang 17 years old na babae na NBSB. Naging magkaibigan sila hanggang sa tinanong NI Edward kay Kisses ang isang tanong. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Si Kisses AY nalilito Dahil Hindi niya malaman kung sino ang...

    462 17 2

    Kirsten Danielle Kisses Tan Delavin ⬇⬇⬇ Is the girl who envy the most in their latest school, they know her name' but not her real personality, they though about her is a perfect girl who shouldn't let disappoint them on what was their first impression about her. ✔✔✔ But, A cold hearted guy, teach her, teach her to be...

  • Falling Treasures
    8.1K 421 14

    I wanted to be her knight in shining armor. I wanted to be the one she chooses at the end. It was him who made me smile and laugh. He was the one who fits my ideal. I lost. In the first place, there is already someone waiting for her. I never stood a chance. All I thought we have that chance. But in the end, he was in...

  • New Beginning
    6K 292 9

    Kissward AU

  • Addicted To Your Kisses (KissWard)
    23.6K 1.3K 38

    Kisses has always been contented in her life and all the little surprises it brings, after all being a barista ain't so bad at all. But one guy will change things in her life. Will the change he brings do good? ------ A KissWard AU Fanfic. Please do not hate

  • One Shots ❤
    30.6K 1.5K 64

    (c) 2017 This is a work offiction; for the sake of the "ship" lang po ito at wala akong pinapatunayan dito, okeh? No bashing, spread love instead! Thank you and enjoy reading❣❣

  • Kirsten's Diary (KISSWARD)
    21.8K 849 20

    Ang original title nito ay Pregnant at 17 but i decided na Kirsten's Diary Kirsten Danielle "Kisses" Delavin and Edward John Barber fanmade story !

  • The Feelings That Can't Deny
    1.4K 70 3

    I didn't love you. I just don't want you to be alone or maybe, maybe i was too good for your ego or maybe i made you feel better about your miserable life but i didn't love you.

  • Beautiful Stranger (SEASON 1)
    28K 1.6K 34

    Edward John Barber, a famous actor in the Philippines. He's a total package... Kung Hindi Lang siya.... Arrogante, walang modo, mahangin at masarap itapon sa ilog pasig. But inspite of all these negatives, ay maraming nagkakandarapa at nagmamahal sa kanya. Pag may negative, may positives. Gwapo, mayaman, sikat, talent...

  • KissWard: I will always choose you
    3.6K 103 7

    English fan-fiction story of KissWard.

  • Friends To Lovers..
    2.8K 163 12

    Its all about Friends turn onto Lovers😍😍😍 They like each other💓And Its all about Kisses💓💓😍

  • Behind the limelights
    2.8K 165 5

    What happens behind the lights? Find out their story behind the curtains and all the cameras. Kissward Fanfiction.

  • Pwede din pala | Kissward |
    9.1K 446 18

    Pagkatapos ng lahat na pinagdaanan natin, meron parin bang tayo? No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission from the author. Any error or oversight that might have been possibly made was unintentional. #2 in Kissward -7/6/18- #3 in Kissward -7/3/18- Started: Octo...

  • Secretly In Love [KissWard]
    465 19 1

    Kirsten is a rich girl. She is a beauty queen, she is confidently beautiful with a heart. She is kind. She has a crush on a boy, and it's been for 2 years. Pero the boy do not like her. The boy is avoiding her. The boy is mad at her. But, she didn't know why. Even the boy is mad at her, she's not giving up. Enjoy thi...

  • I Love You Always Forever ( BOOK 1 ) COMPLETED
    39K 2.2K 44

    "I loved you once, love you still, always have and always will."

  • You Belong With Me
    635 37 3

    "If you can see I'm the one who understands you Been here all along so why can't you see You belong with me."

  • We Could Happen (KissWard)
    3.4K 185 12

    "Should i ask her name?" "Should i say hi to him?" "Should i ask her out?" "should i smile at him?" I DON'T KNOW! MAYBE WE COULD HAPPEN ♡

    6.3K 354 20

    Sinabihan ka lang ng matatamis na salita, umasa ka na kayo na ang para sa isa't isa. Umasa ka tuloy tapos nahulog pero di ka nya sinalo. Sad nu? Next time, dahan-dahan lang baka masaktan ka na naman eh. © justpbbfictions | September 2016.

  • Superman
    3.6K 181 8

    Edward saw the chance and he took it. Kisses was just along for the ride. *the cover is not mine, I got it from twitter. If you know the owner, pls message me.

  • Right Here Waiting For You
    2.1K 118 13

    A story is about Kisses Delavin and Edward Barber who fall in love in at a wrong time. But still continue doing what they can do to be happy together. #KISSWARD

  • KissWard : Can This Be Love
    46.6K 1.3K 37

    The story of an innocent, hopeless romantic girl named Kisses meets the half fililpino half british guy named Edward who has a problem accepting his feelings & has fears of falling in love because of his past relationship. (so if you want to know the story please proceed to the next chapter)

  • My Dream [KISSWARD]
    12.9K 741 29

    Once they're enemies, but one day will come to change it. They will be concern to each other.. Something dangerous will happen, so someone will be concern. They will realize that they.... Oopps! Spoiler Alert! Hihi✌🏻️✌🏻 Hope You Like It Guys! Please support my story! Please support KissWard💛💛

  • When Love and Hate Collide
    36.3K 1.6K 45

    CHARACTERS: KIRSTEN DANIELLE "KISSES" DELAVIN- only daughter of the Delavin family. Grade 11 student of Barton International School. Consistently on top of the class. Very silent but sharp when pushed. EDWARD JOHN BARBER- son of the owner of the school/ President. Always placing second in class, became really bitt...

  • Denial King Meets Beauty Queen
    23.2K 782 37

    This story is all about Kisses and Edward (KissWard)

  • (KissWard) Bad Boy & Girl
    2.2K 82 4

    Kirsten and Edward became bad since their father died. They are kind when their father is still alive but, they changed. Who will change them? Will they friends can change them? Will they change each other if they see each other? Kirsten is a popular girl in university. And because her family owns it. She is the pop...

  • Started with the Wrong Impression
    32.2K 2.3K 89

    Teen Fiction. A KissWard Short Story. For all the KissWard out there! Dont expect too much. And dont hate me mayward fans.hehe I decided to write this story kase sobrang nacucutan ako kay kisses. I really like her being pure and innocent. Plus kinikilig aq the way edward looks at her. This is just a product of my imag...

  • A Kiss of Death (KW Story)
    10K 727 15

    "I kissed Death" Started: October 2016 AdmirerX © Copyright 2016 All rights reserved