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  • AFGITMOLFM (Book part 1 and 2 | TV Movie)
    22M 397K 85

    PUBLISHED | POP FICTION | UNEDITED | NOT DELETED | Part 1: Euphoria and Part 2: Nostalgia of book can be read here. The BOOK ver and WATTPAD ver have a lot of difference but have the same story / plot. This was adapted as a TV Movie in Wattpad Presents, produced by D5 Studio and The meaning of AFGITMOLFM is one...

  • Just The Strings (COMPLETED)
    26.6M 750K 75

    Sabi nila, para daw ako sa kanya... Pero paano kung hindi naman siya para sa akin? (c) Just The Benefits second generation

  • Just The Benefits (PUBLISHED)
    43.1M 799K 77

    #JustTheBenefits Because strings mean more hurting... so you just want the benefits.