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  • Demigod head cannons
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    Just a bunch of random stories about the demigods like them in high school, blending with the mortals, percabeth, solangelo, the kids of the seven ect..... The stories probably wont continue on, for example, different mean girls and jocks in same school or something. And don't take offence with any names like if I say...

  • People Meet Percabeth
    412K 11.7K 66

    Annabeth and Percy. Percy and Annabeth. Or as many like to call them....Percabeth. The perfect couple. They just want a break from wars and monsters. But of coarse the Fates are not done meddling with their lives. Many envy their wonderful love and try to break them up. But they don't know who they're messing with. L...

  • Revealed (Percy Jackson No Mist Fanfiction)
    18.3K 544 20

    When the mist suddenly disappears with no explanation, the demigods are forced into hiding. But the mortals have a few tricks up their sleeves and no half-blood is safe. When a new prophecy is issued, Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, and Nico are sent on a quest to Rome. What they don't know is that a...

  • Twelve Days of Christmas {A Percy Jackson AU}
    5.3K 221 13

    It is twelve days before Christmas for Percy and his friends. They are all grown up now, living in New Rome with children of their own, getting ready for the holidays. Join them in their mini adventures as they get ready for the holidays! I will post every day leading up to Christmas including on Christmas Day for the...

  • ask the demigods
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    this is a little Q&A thing I made up. please send me questions in the comments of message me:-)

  • PJO Headcanons
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    A collection of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Headcanons.

  • Safe In My Arms | Solangelo AU | Completed
    870K 43.5K 66

    Nico hasn't had an easy life. First his mother died. Then his sister. But things have recently gotten worse: his boyfriend has turned abusive, and so he lives in constant fear. Then Nico meets Will. Will helps Nico, and shows him that his life doesn't have to be a living hell. Nico is just starting to relax, when thin...

  • Safe With Me | Solangelo AU | Completed
    247K 13.1K 47

    This is the sequel to Safe In My Arms, so read that first please! Read with caution; contains quite a lot of things which might be triggering. ~~~ Nico and Will are married, and they think that can finally be happy together. Unfortunately, their tranquillity doesn't last long. Problems keep arising, and after an espec...