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  • Stargirl ✩ H.S. [DISCONTINUED]
    64.4K 4.6K 14

    ❝That's not an antenna, that's my dick.❞ A fanfic where an alien-obsessed boy sends a signal to the stars above, and the universe decides to send one back. This book contains mature content. Read at your own risk. All Rights Reserved to chingyonce & macklemcvey, 2017. ©

  • watched | l.p
    78.2K 3.9K 24

    [ STALKED SPIN-OFF ] unknown number: i'm watching you.

  • princess :: njh (( book 1 ))
    4.7M 84.2K 32

    "you're all mine, princess."

  • |S L E E P O V E R|
    889K 16.9K 27

    Carters dad has got it going on. -C

  • Video Tapes » H.S.
    976K 12.2K 15

    " daddy likes to record & cherish memories " !daddy!kink! !age!gap!

  • Forbidden ✓
    8.1M 263K 69

    A timid, deliberate girl. A reckless, provocative boy. He's the older brother of her best friend. She's the little girl that he never noticed. Until now, that is.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sex Lessons ; Zayn AU (Editing)
    1.1M 17.7K 50

    Where a pure girl meets a charming bad boy with a signature smirk. *if not clear, contains mature themes*

    Completed   Mature
  • Fuckboy
    206K 9.3K 37

    [BOOK 1 OF THE 'BOY' SERIES] "How about we take the long way home, baby?" he sent me a wink from the drivers seat. "How about no. It's 7:52 and I've got an episode of supernatural to catch at 8." A Harry Styles fanfic. HIGHEST RANKING: #180 in fanfiction 8/1/17 #345 in fanfiction 7/16/17 #43 in harry 5/17/18

  • Lone [MATURE HS]
    2.3M 92.4K 43

    Harry doesn't believe in coincidences. Neither should she.

  • Asleep {h.s}
    418K 13.2K 27

    [Completed, but in desperate need of editing] " A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other…Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever. " This is a story of a boy and a girl, Harry Styles and Azalea Longman, a boy band member and a...

  • Toxic Love » hs
    1M 34K 51

    He was her one and only. He was the person she would live and die for, but when Zoey loses the love of her life she feels as if the world is slowly crumbling around her until she's trapped underneath. That's until she meets Harry who tries to pull her out fast enough to save her from her toxic love, but that may be a...

  • sick ☞ dark h.s [MAJOR EDITING]
    188K 4.3K 17

    « in which a man kidnaps a young girl »

    Completed   Mature
  • Crooked Butterflies | h.s.
    131K 3.8K 23

    Alice had always had feelings for Harry. She knew that he was her step-father, and she definitely knew that when her mother died, it would only be her and Harry in that house.

  • The Fighter // Harry Styles
    31.1M 566K 85

    "Breaking news! Famous universal boxer, Harry Styles, 20, has been admitted into St. Gregory's Hospital just hours ago. Sources say that Styles is in critical condition from a horrific car accident taken place just outside of London. More details to come..." // Copyright © 2013 ReganRiley (fanfiction #1) -- trailer cr...

  • oh, mr president | H.S.
    248K 8.9K 51

    a story of a cocky man with the greatest amount of power in the world and a reserved woman unsure of how to handle it. [A Dramatic Romance Alternate Universe Novel] amazani ⓒ copyright 2016, all rights reserved. highest rank: + #14 in fanfiction + #16 in fanfiction + #18 in fanfiction + #21 in fanfiction + #25 i...

  • Lush Seduction ✓ (Moulin Rouge) | Harry Styles AU
    14.9M 316K 59

    LUSH SEDUCTION IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON RIGHT NOW! GRAB YOUR COPY! Book 1 of the Lush Trilogy (completed ✓) Vicky West, has always desired to become a dancer at the famed Moulin Rouge club in Los Angeles. Since she was young, she always dreamt of dancing, and singing. Entertaining people is what she sought in life. Th...

  • WRONG // (Harry Styles)
    16.8M 360K 55

    ❝This is wrong Harry,❞ I pant as he rips off my top, exposing my bra. I soon give into him as his arms lock on my waist, lifting me onto the kitchen counter. ❝Be quiet baby, we dont want to wake Louis up.❞ // Absolutely no translations or resposts. No exceptions. :) #1 19/10/16

    47.9K 3.6K 14

    **A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY** Her New Year's Eve was supposed to be a depressing evening alone with a bowl of salsa and a plate of microwaved nachos, but a powerful force had different plans for the unconventional princess. If you like sweet romances and hilarious tales of personal growth & self-discovery, then your so...

  • Updates
    217K 15.6K 63

    This book will have . . . ☏ Explanations on what's going to be going on with this account and my works (why some stories may have been deleted) ☏ My story ideas/sneak peeks of new stories ☏ When updates will be up ☏ Possible upcoming books

  • Styles' Motel
    122K 4.8K 23

    At the end of the day, psychopaths can't love anyone.

  • Till Dawn (HS)
    706K 25.3K 23

    "To have her in his bed, in his arms, with her breath on his neck and her hair tickling the corners of his mouth -- he was finally able to think of his life as not only just a dark hole of violence. Maybe, just maybe, his life could mean something more." || mature hs fanfic. Cover credit to @pillow-case © highstylin

  • Anchor {h.s}
    725K 32.4K 41

    She was the anchor that kept him steady above the water. He was the anchor that made her sink. A story filled with ups and downs. An unsteady sea, really.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Black Swan - (R) Completed
    6.2M 171K 80

    *Mature Audiences* The Black Swan, Odile, known for being a sensual, dark figure in ballet. Odette, the White Queen, known for being pure and innocent. Odette Graff, better known as her stage name Odette Ricci, must fulfill the role of the Black Swan. If she wants her name to go down in history like the longstanding...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anarchy
    21.6M 68.9K 6

    Preview of the first book of the Anarchy series, published by Orion Books. Preorder your copies today! This is danger. This is chaos. This is anarchy. All Rights Reserved to Megan DeVos, 2018 ©

  • She's Not Afraid. (Niall Horan)
    746K 20.1K 40

    Marina's life is currently spinning out of control. Partying, penguins, obnoxious friends and a hint of A-List celebrities are mixed in for good measure. And one thing always leads to another, and in this case another and another. Niall Horan doesn't see Maz as broken. He doesn't want to fix her, she's just a little...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dust Bones [Punk Harry Styles]
    16.8M 570K 73

    Working for a world-leading mafia, Harry knows how to kill, how to hunt his victims, and how to avoid any company of any kind. He's used to a lonely, quiet, and harsh environment. He is the best at what he does. And everything he does becomes problematic when he's assigned to protect the boss's daughter from world-kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • Coalescence ➳ H.S.
    881K 33.3K 22

    "You're nothing but a con man." "I prefer con artist, sweetheart." ➳ Winner of Season 3 1D Watty Awards for Best Smut

    Completed   Mature
  • Psycho ➳ H.S.
    2.1M 53.1K 21

    "He clenched his fists to bring himself back to earth, shutting off the tap. He stood stationary, wondering if anything he had been thinking for the last five minutes made any sense at all. Every thought was about her; he wanted her more than anyone. He came down to one conclusion: he was truly obsessed with her." Co...

    Completed   Mature
  • terrible » styles (NEW ENDING)
    59.5K 4.3K 18

    in which her favourite word is terrible and his favourite word is her name. © Iighter

  • Mini Mart » Harry Styles
    215K 12.9K 15

    [COMPLETED] in which Harry works at Mini Mart and meets a girl with dyed hair, a weird name, and a thing for Arizona tea. [fanfiction #366, teenfiction #530] © instrumentals