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  • Playlist Love (A Caspar Lee Fanfiction)
    2.6M 38.9K 86

    Summer Butler is an 18 year old British YouTuber and cousin to Marcus Butler. She then meets a certain blonde haired South African who makes her first ever YouTube convention to PlayList Live an unforgettable experience... "You don't have to be afraid." He whispered, his lips pressing softly to mine. "I'm here. And...

  • High School (Hayes Grier)
    13.1M 249K 238

    Angie Mendes sister of Shawn Mendes is the quiet girl who is considered a "nerd". She has only a good amount of close friends and is a you tube singer just like her brother but no one at her school knows. What will she do when Hayes the quarterback and the most popular guy in her school knows who Angie really is? will...

  • An Arranged Marriage ❉ j.g
    9.9M 249K 113

    22 year-old Jack Gilinsky just wants to party his life away and make music with his friend Jack Johnson. Marrying a small town girl was not on his yolo bucketlist.