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  • Weapon of Hope (Sequel To Weapon of Faith)
    889 45 2

    After the reunion of Mika and Yū and Yū and Misaki's love blooms, more intense thing happens. Yū learning he was a lab rat and more of Misaki's past ... Misaki learning some of her love ones are alive but soon ends and learns her true self ... And The Battle of Nagoya Begins!

  • Forbidden ~ Owari No Seraph
    17.3K 666 12

    Koharu Hyakuya was my name, well after I joined the Hyakuya orphanage. Before that my last name was Kotoba. Mikaela Hyakuya was the first person I befriended in the orphanage, and since that day he's been my best friend. He welcomed me into my new surroundings with open arms, he was only 4 months older than me, it was...

  • Kimiko*Owari No Seraph
    70.2K 2.4K 44

    In the year 2012 a catastrophic virus emerges, killing every person over age 13. The Hyakuya orphans are captured and taken to the vampire city, Sanguinem which is currently under the rule of the vampire queen Krul Tepes, third progenitor. Main characters Mika, Yuu and Kimiko begin their new lives in Sanguinem. But w...

  • A Place Where I Truly Belong (Owari no Seraph Fanfic)
    31.9K 1.2K 14

    Ayumi Hyakuya, one of the children in the Hyakuya Orphanage together with Yu and Mika. Until their peaceful days were ruined because of a virus and the vampires. How will they overcome this? (I don't own the original characters of Owari no Seraph. I only own Ayumi, my OC.)

  • Owari No Seraph||Yuu x Reader
    6.8K 349 18

    First of all... •owari no seraph does not belong to me! (Obviously) •~• About this story: Read to find out XD (Cause im a lazy author who doesnt feel like summerizing this story)

  • ♢ A Vampire's Heart ☽ ♢ || Owari no Seraph fanfiction ||
    34.4K 1.3K 16

    ♠ Evangeline Tepes, heir of the 1st progenitor and the eldest daughter of the great vampire king, as well as the elder half-sister to Krul Tepes. Evangeline, being the kind and gentle person she is wonders if she will ever get the chance to meet a human and even wonders why there cannot be peace between the humans a...

  • My Story | Owari No Seraph
    65.7K 2.7K 30

    Skye Hoshizora. A girl who is part of the Imperial Demon Army. She is nicknamed the demon and the main gossip of students. She never often shows herself. She'd rather stay alone than make friends because she is cursed. She would rather be lonely for the rest off her life than be hurt again. She soon opens up to a guy...

  • Weapon of Faith (OWARI NO SERAPH)
    51.6K 2K 43

    Faith-Complete trust or confidence in someone or something One who holds the weapon of Faith. And her name is... Misaki Hiragi... The Angel of Faith The Flower of Faith Has come to save Humanity. Join her journey to see what happens when she sees... Yūichiro Hyakuya That she has no memory of. Will she remember...