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  • Bad Behavior 나쁜 짓 [Mark Tuan - GOT7]
    172K 7.9K 48

    Skateboarding, one thing that makes me feel alive. I feel free when i'm on my board and i love it! but being the daughter of the headmaster of the most prestigious school in Seoul can destroy those dreams,you have to be a lady be presentable, be the perfect woman, what do i have to do to get what i want? Fake an ident...

  • She's A Monster 그녀는 괴물 [GOT7 - Jackson]
    68.8K 3.1K 34

    I was a nobody here in Hong Kong, nobody wanted to bother with a Korean transfer student who can't even speak Cantonese... but Jackson Wang was different, he noticed me even though i hid myself in the shadows, he pulled me out of the pit of loneliness i was stuck in, but i never expect he was going to be the one to pu...

  • Mark Tuan, you are mine! (GOT7 || Book 1)
    1.8M 59.4K 116

    There are certain limits to one's dreams but one is always told to be never afraid to dream big. What happens when you push over the boundaries and dream further? Han Min Ae just another girl in the crowd, overshone by the biggest light she has ever seen, GOT7. She never dreamed that she would be able to look up close...

  • GOT7 FanFic: MY MELODY (Mark Tuan)
    2.4M 72.7K 61

    Things that are happening in Park Hee Young's life: 1. She is accepted to JYP Entertainment, as a trainee! 2. A mysterious guy talked to her after the audition. She wonders who he is. 3. He is from GOT7! But who is he? 4. Moving to the JYP Dorm, preparing to debut. 5. And then she realises, the feeling of falling in l...

  • T H E. B U L L Y ( GOT7 BamBam)
    41.7K 241 2

    A GOT7 BamBam fanfic

    193K 11.6K 70

    inspired by other writers to create this book so i've decided to make one my own! i apologize in advance if you think I copied you but I made this up myself so pls enjoy ☺︎ just like those other kpop zodiacs book i've published lmao but pls check that out and my other books too! c: NOTE: I KNOW THIS ISN'T REALLY ACCU...

    Completed   Mature
  • GOT7 Imagines
    2.6M 59.1K 164

    SLOW UPDATES!!! "Come and get it, GOT7 . . . Imagines!" Starring: GOT7 and OC (You) #47 in Fanfiction (170524)

  • I Got It (GOT7)
    617K 15.4K 131

    Young MinHee, beloved sister of famed idol JB of GOT7, has learned things twice: how to speak and how to consult others. She knows how to live her dream, but will she ever learn to love again? Will she be able to open her heart to Him?

  • Kidnap by GOT7?!
    426K 15.2K 27

    Hey i'm Seuni, i'm a normal teenage girl, i live a normal life with my family,dad is the director of one of the most awesome entertainment in Korea... YG,mom is a model, like i said normal well for me.. Being the child of two famous people Isn't as good as you think You live alone,you never have someone to be beside y...