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  • ~Yaoi pictures~
    37.1K 664 42

    boy smut don't like get out ...... the exit sign is to the top right corner well ....bye +-+

  • demonstuck ( davexjohn dirkxjake )
    46.6K 1.9K 23

    there are demons in this world and it's a hunter's job to hunt them but there are rare types of humans that can use magic like the demons. john and jake are two of these rare humans that can use magic and theyuse their power to hunt demons . dave and dirk find the two interesting

  • Mafia Protection (Sample)
    31.5M 131K 7

    Having lived a sheltered life under her father's strict rule, Ella's newfound freedom is tested when she meets Angelo Tomassi, the most well known crime boss in Miami. Despite his duty to marry another woman, Angelo shows Ella a softer side that wins over her heart. She refuses her chance to leave and willingly gives...

  • The Hybrid's Lovers
    475K 31.9K 46

    Book One of Hybrid Trilogy Tobias' whole life had been a joke. The pack he lived in pretended to love him, until he shifted that is. Tobias' pack always knew he was a hybrid, but they hoped one of his supernatural powers would be supressed. What they didn't expect was for him to have three different shifts. Wolf. Bea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captured(Sterek fanfiction)(BxB)
    21.3K 1K 11

    Stiles has been thrusted into the big world of endless possibilities under rough circumstances. Not knowing where he truly fits in, or where to even begin, he comes upon an add requesting male modeling. Stiles genuinely feels he's attractive enough for the job. But his looks may not be all he's worrying about once he...

  • Yes, Mr. Hale
    69.4K 3.2K 18

    Where Stiles gets sent to a boot camp for being too sexually active. But, it has it's perks... Well, perk. Derek Hale is working there. Pairing: Stiles/Derek Extra ships: Scott/Isaac Lydia/Peter Boyd/ Erica * Strong sexual scenes * Special thanks for the cover to @bringmethebandships

    Completed   Mature
  • Agony (Sequel to Hunger)
    196K 8.4K 40

    (Completed) THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO HUNGER (YAY!!) If you haven't read Hunger, you should probably go do that. Otherwise, this will confuse the crap out of you. \\ War. The supernatural creatures all over the world are teaming up and taking out humans, picking them off one by one. Then there's the other side of the war...

  • The lull of night
    45.9K 1.4K 5

    The Wall was built around the city to keep the werewolves out, but Stiles and Scott decide to sneak outside of it. It may be completely traumatizing since they run into one of the werewolves, but they manage to get out of there alive. Scott vowed to never go out again, but Stiles... Well, he keeps going back. Those st...

    Completed   Mature
  • Doodled Hearts
    11.2K 591 14

    "I cannot bring myself to say it directly, but it involves you, me, and a lot of lip action."

  • I Do Bite
    16K 812 11

    ( vampire Dave Strider an Dirk Strider Non vamp John Egbert and Jake English ) John works a night time shift at a local hospital. Him and his cousin live in a 3 bedroom apartment together. What happens when Jake a local gun range owner beloved cousin doesn't come home? Man Night jobs suck but not as bad as w...

  • My Dork (A Kevedd Story) New Acc: @Im-A-MagicalGirl
    214K 8.3K 46

    New Account: Im-A-MagicalGirl Edd has known he was gay since the day Kevin made Eddy kiss Edd. No one else knows he's gay and he doesn't plan on telling anyone he's in love with the school jock.

  • The innocent and the bad boy
    9.5K 271 16

    Jim is a boy who meets a man called plank. Follow them as they fall in love with each other.

  • The Tutor | AU R!Kevedd [BEING EDITED]
    65.8K 2K 17

    Edd was the schools bully, main target always being Kevin. That was until the algebra teacher needs Edd to pass his class and puts Kevin as his tutor. Maybe being a tutor for the bully can't be that bad. Unexpected things seem to happen when the teacher assigns something simple. Maybe being a nerd isn't that bad. R...

  • Punishment.
    17.6K 405 1

    Kevedd smut oneshot Warning: Contains boyxboy sexual activity. Disclaimer: I do not own the Ed, Edd, and Eddy series

  • Two Types of Chemistry (Kevedd)
    239K 7.8K 34

    Kevin Barr, a die heart football player is failing chemistry and needs to get his grades up to stay on the team. His teacher suggests that he gets tutoring from Eddward Vincent, top of the class. Edd has a secret crush on Kevin whilst Kevin is developing, well he doesn't know what for Edd. Which type of chemistry will...

  • Pack Mama (Sterek)
    119K 4.3K 17

    Derek's pack starts getting a little too clingy with Stiles. Truth will come out. Stiled gets kidnapped. A/N; hey im terrible with these descrips just read. oh and erica and boyd dont die, ethan and aiden dont die either. fuck canon death!!!!! stiles doesn't get turned. and jackson's not moving!!! The whole gangs here...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'll Take Care of You (Sterek, BoyxBoy)
    41.7K 1.8K 11

    Stiles Stilinski liked to think he was a rational human being; but for some reason, Derek Hale makes him think otherwise. Derek Hale liked to think that he was always in control until he met Stiles.

  • Stranded (Sterek AU)
    144K 7.4K 22

    Stiles Stilinski just wanted to have one last crazy weekend with his best friend before he enters graduate school. He didn't account for getting thrown over a boat when he tries to break up a fight, and he really didn't think he would end up stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. How will Stiles survive long...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bonded
    77.8K 3.3K 13

    Every alpha wolf is born with a symbol embedded deep in their skin. After the alpha turns eighteen their mate, either a beta or an omega, has a mark show up just like their alpha's. The two mates feel an unbearable bond that brings them together into a peaceful harmony. Derek was twenty-three now. He had lost all hop...

  • Taking The Bite(Sterek/BxB)
    42.9K 1.9K 14

    Sheer luck was what kept Stiles alive through every twist and turn he faced. But the universe decides different for Stiles. Stiles tried to think of another way to save himself, between the short moment he knew he had, but there was nothing anyone could do besides to let Stiles go, to let him die. But Stiles couldn't...