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  • Worst Enemies ; Petekey, Ryden, Frerard
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    Ever since preschool, Pete and Mikey were worst enemies. It started off as kicking down block towers and scribbling over drawings to full on rivalry - throwing punches and yelling insults. Gerard was eager to change this, and made friends with Pete's friendship group. As the two groups hung out every lunch, Pete and M...

  • Spectrum (Frerard, Petekey)
    390K 28.4K 29

    The adventures of 'pretty boy' and 'dyke'. The story of the boy with the boobs who can pack a serious punch, and the girl with a dick and her all mighty powerful butt, and just how the two happen to meet and perhaps happen to fall for one another. And the two's battles against dysphoria, the foes of the judgemental ga...

  • 50 Shades Of Gay
    6.7K 105 51

  • Rhythm of the Rain(Petekey/Frerard/Ryden)
    32.8K 2.7K 22

    {COMPLETED} Pete likes rain. He also likes Mikey Way. Mikey knows it too. He also like Pete. But one mistaken night leads to hardships between the two, leaving Mikey with a question he might not be able to answer, and Pete with a terrible dilemma. Gerard loves working with kids, Frank is fucking tired. The two meet a...

  • An Abundance Of Gay Emos (Frerard, Ryden, Petekey, Peterick)
    22.9K 1.9K 23

    Gerard Way had decided to enter the kitchen where Mikey, his younger brother, was hanging out with his friends for the simple purpose of showing off his ass. It was there that he met Frank Iero, Mikey's not so straight best friend, who appreciated Gerard's ass, as well as the rest of him. Ryan Ross had been hopelessly...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wave of Gay (Frerard and Kid Petekey)COMPLETED
    101K 6.4K 27

    *the fic that doesn't care about ages in the slightest and I still don't know if it's Pikey or Petekey* The Way brothers weren't competitive, not in the slightest. Even in how gay they were. Because Gerard was clearly the winner. The adventures of Gee and Frankie spreading the gay to the middle school in BelleVille. P...

  • Asymmetry (Petekey, Frerard, ...) *SLOW UPDATES*
    4.1K 273 11

    Mikey feels asymmetric. His body is not what's it's supposed to be. Or at least not how Mikey wants it to be. He's stuck in what society calls a "girl's body". But Mikey is not a girl. Mikey is trans. He takes the opportunity to start new when moving to a new home. New school. New friends. New life. But will i...

  • Pretty. (Frerard, Petekey, Ryden, Peterick)
    1.3M 51.1K 49

    ((Basically this is one big messy gay bandom AU, features just about every ship in the emo trinity and a few more)) Frank is the only gay guy he knows, stuck in the rather restricting and conservative world of Catholic school with his two best friends and their Catholic upbringings, where his daily adrenaline hits com...

  • Wild // frerard, peterick, phan, joshler
    460 30 4

    (I'm not good at descriptions, I'll also add more people throughout the story so don't worry) Gerard focused on the worst things in life. He poured out his emotions by sketching people and things he saw. Patrick has been bullied all his life. "Fat." "Stupid." He sings to escape everything going on around him, but will...