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    103K 10.5K 4

    "I'm silly to think that you would pick a daisy in a field of roses" yoongi x jimin / rewritten RAPLACE ©

    Completed   Mature
  • daybreak | yoonmin
    1.4M 114K 57

    in which yoongi and jimin were brought together by perfectly aligned windows, morning routines, stars, and the likes.

  • art | yoonmin
    78.2K 7.3K 24

    "art is something people tend to take for granted. i don't understand why, it's beautiful." "probably because people are too fucking stupid to look at the beauty behind the art." + in which jimin is a lover for art and works at an art shop. ©thighseok 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • YOONMIN™ | #wattys2017
    79.4K 3.5K 35

    Yoonmin breaks my poor fangirl heart. All Rights Reserved, copyright © apricotjimin 2016

  • letters to you。「yoonmin」{COMPLETED}
    20.8K 2.8K 92

    in which jimin leaves letters for his dead boyfriend yoongi.. or so he thought. © 94KHOP

    Completed   Mature
  • Cat Puns // YoonMin
    153K 12.9K 35

    "How do cats end a fight? They hiss and make up." In which Jimin accidentally texts the wrong number. -- T/W: strong language and lots of fluff

  • boys | yoonmin
    253K 23.6K 33

    "is it okay to like boys?" NO TRANSLATIONS. lowercase intended. started march 2016.