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  • An Arranged Marriage to a Jerk
    4.4M 61.5K 26

    Allison McHartey is engaged. Not to the man she loves, but to a guy her parents picked out for her. To avoid the arranged engagement and unfolding disaster, she makes a deal: If she falls in love by Christmas Eve, she doesn't have to marry Connor Danielson, the high school jock and annoying flirt. But what she doesn't...

  • The Cupcake Match ✔
    24.5K 1K 14

    *** Madison Corey is an aspiring baker. Austin Cruiser is the leader of the school's track and field team. She is the teachers assistant for a home economics class. He failed home economics last year and has to retake it again. She has a goal to win this year's Young Bakers Competition for her school. He needs to find...

  • Unwanted Cupcakes
    109K 5.5K 35

    "What's with the stupid endearments? I'm a girl, a human, not a fucking dessert!" I seethe, glaring at his irritatingly handsome face. "And if anything, I'd be a whole goddamn cake." "You might as well be one, 'cause I want to eat you up." (In the very slow process of editing)

    Completed   Mature
  • Hey, Cupcake
    509K 17K 11

    He was her best friend. She was his. He moved away. She forgot for four years. He came back four years later. Things have changed, cupcake.

  • His Cupcake Girl
    36.9K 2.2K 6

    "Be my cupcake girl?" "Aren't I already?" Highest ranking #44 in short story.

  • I Don't Eat CupCakes (wattys2015)
    126K 3.5K 37

    ***I Don't Eat Cupcakes*** "Cupcake?" I eyed the sugary snack and willed myself not to stuff the whole thing in my mouth. "No thanks. I'm not hungry." Lie "I ate before I got here." Lie "So I'm pretty full." In case you haven't guessed it yet that was also a big. fat. lie. Now why would I not want to eat a perfectl...

  • Katie and the Cupcake Cure
    10.7K 250 20

    Katie Brown's having a bad day. She's just started school and her best friend has ditched her for the Popular Girls' Club. Looks like a different school can mean different problems... Luckily, Katie meets some great new friends and together they start The Cupcake Club! Can four friends plus baking fun equal a cupcake...