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  • Do I Love You? (Free!) [RinHaru]
    4.6K 142 1

    #JustWriteIt Rin thinks of a plan for Haru's birthday. As he puts his plan into action he discovers his own feelings. What will become of this idiot and his love story? PG-13 Fluff and feels Line spacing may be a bit off, I'll check it and edit soon! Published- June 30th 2015

  • Free! Iwatobi Randomness
    35.1K 1.8K 23

    Relationships with the pool, yeah, you heard that right. This book filled up up with randomness, but humorous stories; Free! Iwatobi Randomness~ Let's swim free with pool-chan!!! Characters and media (images, music, etc.) belong to their respective owners. All content that is written in this book came from ideas in my...

  • RinHaru- Valentines morning
    7.5K 319 1

    Rin's first Valentines day with the one he loves.

  • Free! One shots
    43.3K 665 8

    Some Free! Iwatobi swim club one shots. Contains some lemon. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  • Nightmares and Daydreams [Reigisa Oneshot]
    6K 294 1

    Nagisa was the last person Rei expected to have nightmares. When the nightmares start to take a toll on Nagisa's health, his boyfriend does everything he can to help.

  • His Smile // Reigisa
    5.3K 342 5

    Nagisa's struggle to keep his grades up has come to the attention of his parents, who sign him up for an after-school tutor. Nagisa isn't thrilled about this idea, but once he meets his tutor he changes his mind. Will this new character be able to save Nagisa's grades, or is it too late?

  • My Little Penguin
    22.2K 683 3

    ((⚠ Warning contains yaoi)) This is a Free! Iwatobi swim club fanfiction ((This is a ReiGisa oneshot!!)) Yes I made Rei the Seme this time even though I honestly love Nagisa as the Seme lol!!! I wanted to mix it up a bit I Do Not Own The Characters In This Fanfic! Please Comment what you truly think I'm not that good...

  • Don't Leave (A Reigisa FanFic)
    8K 362 3

    After an arguement something tragic happens to Nagisa, leaving Rei feeling guilty and confused. He's worried he's going to lose Nagisa forever, and in a desperate attempt to show his true feelings before he's gone, he ends up saving him. Will Nagisa forgive him and move on or will he hate him for all he's done?

  • Reigisa one-shots
    10.7K 411 4

    Pretty much a collection of one-shots that I decide to write whenever.

  • The things you do to me ( Nagisa x Rei )
    1.1K 53 2

    Nagisa never thought he would have these feelings.. The feelings that changed his life

  • (FREE!) Nagisa x Rei ~ You Adorable Little Swimmer! (BOY X BOY)
    952 29 2

    Nagisa x Rei! Yaoi! Don't like, Don't read! Based on swimming (like the anime) but with a romance mix! Also contains Haru x Rin!

  • Just Friends
    3.1K 126 3

    Just friends. That's all we were. At least what I thought. --- "Haru!" "What is it, Rin?" He held my hand. I looked into his eyes. He smiled, his cheeks pink. I blinked in surprise. Eyes wide with shock. He opened his mouth. Little pointy teeth. Adorable smile. "Just friends!" He then said. He kept smiling. A sinki...

  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club : Graduation (RinxHaru Fanfic)
    22.1K 718 19

    Summer is coming. Our first and last eternal summer. Will you still love me until the end? Will we stay strong until the end? [ RinxHaru ] [ Author's Note: My first BoyxBoy fanfic. If you do not like the idea of boyxboy relationships, please step back. We have our own interests so please respect other people's inter...

  • Rin X Haru Fanfiction--Fever
    84.1K 3.3K 11

    Rin catches a really bad fever and Haru has taken it upon himself to look after him. Will Rin's affliction give Haru a chance to confess? And what about Rin? EDIT If you're new here I invite you to read the edited version because it's way better. And if you're interested in seeing the old crappy one...go ahead and rea...

  • Make Us Feel Our Splash (Rin X Haru Free!)
    6.4K 157 1

    For a while, we just sway with the water, our backs afloat with our faces dry in the sun. The moment is so serene that I could forget about the water for a few seconds. All that is here is Rin, with his purple hair flowing around his sleeping face in a wreath of wet strands. As I ponder whether it's real or from a box...

  • Free x Reader Oneshots
    292K 9.3K 34

    A collection of fluffy and cute oneshots guaranteed to make you squeal!

  • Anime Yaoi Oneshots
    4.2K 92 9

    Any anime yaoi pairings! Smut, fluff, threesome, you name it! I write it!

  • RinHaru Drabble Collection
    98.8K 3.5K 41

    Just a bunch of short stories I'll be working on centered around the pairing Haruka Nanase/Rin Matsuoka. Ranges from fluff to soft smut to angst.

  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ( Various x Reader ! )
    5.2K 135 7

    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club x reader. Requests open ! Don't be shy to comment <3. Fluff, Lemon, and other various one-shot ideas welcome x !

  • Ripples in still water { Rinharu }~{ Free! }
    13.5K 518 7

    In a world where water is for the purpose of minimal drinking only, how can Haru confess to the man that's keeping him from everything he loves?