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  • Blood Ink
    2.8M 183K 37

    "That's my tattoo, Y/N, on your body. You know exactly what that means." BTS Jungkook x Reader tattoo artist AU gang AU Thanks and credits to all of the original artists of the amazing edits and fan arts :) Highest Ranking: [#1 in Fanfiction]

  • Music Room | M. Yoongi
    46.5K 3.1K 23

    "I always come here because I'm lonely." +A Min Yoongi horror fanfiction +Room 1997's sequel/book2 +Read Room 1997 first before reading this +Contains violence *Started: 07/27/17 *Ended: --/--/-- ※Highest rank: »032518 - #131 in Fanfiction #2 of the Room series !Expect typos and grammatical errors, English isn't my...

  • Room 1997 | J. Jungkook
    254K 15.8K 38

    Would you dare to go inside? +A Jeon Jungkook horror fanfiction +Make sure to read when daytime, you've been warned +Contains violence and profanity Started: 02/25/17 Ended: 07/22/17 ※Highest rank: »032318 - #22 in Fanfiction #1 of the Room series !Expect typos and grammatical errors, English isn't my first language...

    Completed   Mature
  • Even in Death,
    14.9K 1.1K 11

    (COMPLETED) Ryu Sujeong moved to Jungkook's (Her Cousin) Little Home only for temporary. Until things flicked in dread. #131 in Horror. All Rights Reserved 2015.

  • Visions ➣ j.jk
    22.4K 2K 22

    MYSTERY/THRILLER [BTS FANFIC] A trainee had taken her own life. She wasn't just any trainee though. She was a friend. A friend of Jungkook's. After her death, Jungkook kept having visions of what had happened to her. Due to those visions, he found out the cause of her death--her serious throat issues that got her kic...

  • RUN (Bts Zombie Apocalypse)
    21K 727 17

    This story is about seven Korean boys who are known as Bts. And they are trying to survive a zombie Apocalypse during the year of 2015. Will any of these seven boys survive and make it through the apocalypse?

  • Those Hauntings
    14.6K 576 21

    The boys are staying at this beautiful mansion but then weird things start happening to each of the members, V is the main target to these happenings, will the members get out alive and save V? Read the story to find out..... Rule No.1- You Never Walk Alone

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mortuary ➣ BTS
    55.9K 6.1K 25

    HORROR/THRILLER [BTS FANFIC] mortuary ˈmɔːtjʊəri,-tʃʊ-/ noun a room or building in which dead bodies are kept, for hygienic storage or for examination, until burial or cremation •♛• He had never expected doing his project last minute, with his friends, to happen that way. Now, he was the only one left. He felt hopeles...

    537K 43.7K 65


  • I R I S |Jungkook| #HHC2018
    1K 730 35

    Jeon Jungkook message you. "Hi, Iris right? " March 31,2018 - #770 in Random April 1,2018 - #790 in Random April 2,2018 - #842 in Random April 3,2018 - #542 in Random April 3,2018 - #735 in Random April 5,2018 - #816 in Random April 6,2018 - #671 in Random April 7,2018 - #652 in Random April 8,2018 - #613 in Random A...

  • Chased ┇jjk
    7.5K 554 15

    "Balang araw, mararanasan mo din kung gaano kahirap maghabol" bangtan series #2 (complete 03/32/17)

  • A Flower With Seven Thorns
    674K 17.7K 74

    Seven rebels with their different stories changed by one broken girl, C who was given a task to ruin the success of others to achieve her own dream. A dream that was made because of a shattered and unrequited love. Dark Rebels is composed of seven talented men. Hope, friendly especially towards women and shameless. Bu...

  • ❝ her ❞ ↻ on - going.
    240 31 18

    ❝ i can't. you are the cause of my euphoria. ❞ - × plagιarιѕм ιѕ a crιмe × ↻ by; Kumamon_x

  • ❝ mianhe | myg ❞
    238 26 16

    【OPPA BOOK 2】 ❝ i used to care so much. i used to fight for this. i tried my hardest to hold on and keep you but you didn't want this as much as i did. i didn't lose you. let's be honest, you lost me. ❞ - yoonji

  • Pretending with the Snob (Taehyung)
    91.4K 3.7K 56

    (Completed) It's easy, magpapanggap lang siyang girlfriend ni Mr. Snob. What's hard? Ang magpanggap na wala siyang nararamdaman kahit pa nahuhulog na siya dito. Highest Rank : #86 in Fanfiction

  • ❝ oppa | myg ❞
    14K 1.5K 80

    ❝―sєndíng lσvє thrσugh chαt ❞ ↻ epistolary → #1 ↻ by; Kumamon_x ↻ BTS MIN YOONGI FANFIC highest rank; #200 in ss❤ - × plagιarιѕм ιѕ a crιмe × Started: May 16 2017 Finished: June 5 2017 - A/n: this is my first fanfic about bangtan.

  • BOOK1: Born to be a fangirl || bts fanfic [EDITING]
    8.8K 1.1K 66

    Athena Zyn Buenavista Ang super ultra mega fangirl ng BTS. Isa siya sa mga pinagnanasahan ang abs ni Jimin. Kinagigigilan ang dimples ni namjoon. Nangangarap malutuan ni Jin. Nababaog sa paghihipthrust ni Jungkook, Kinagigigilan ang kakyutan ni Jhope. Kinababaliwan ang kabaliwan ni Taehyung at muntik ng mamatay dahil...

    Completed   Mature
  • BOOK2: Born to be with You || bts fanfic
    1.3K 200 15

    • A FANGIRL STORY• Isa siya sa mga milyong milyong fangirl ng bangtan, isa siya sa humihiling na makita sila ng malapitan. Hanggang sa dumating ang araw na naging make up artist siya ng Bangtan. Pero, naging maayos nga ba ang kinalabasan? √BOOK2 OF BORN TO BE A FANGIRL

  • D̲̫͐̀e̮ą̻̇͑c͍̮ti̲̜͔̾͊͑v̹̠̆̚a͞͝t̡͚̤ͦ͜ḛ̛
    2M 130K 117

    "One mobile dating app... gone wrong. Countless of daredevil couples in Lancaster High are now battling dangerously because of this deadly app. Everyone's life is now at risk. Too bad, it's too late to deactivate." Mechanics: 1. Choose an online partner. 2. Know each other deeper. 3. Kill other players together. Are y...

  • Danger [Jungkook ff]
    894 115 19

    『Simple lang ang favor na toh pero binabalaan kita, pag ako na-in love talaga sayo, delikado.』 - Jungkook --- Bangtangina Series No.5 Danger [Jungkook ff] by: bwiyomiii © All Rights Reserved 2017 PG-13 09.01.17

  • Liar| J.Jk Fanfic [Completed]
    1.4K 307 40

    [Bangtanarmy series #1] "I trust you but you broke my heart" "I hate myself because I believe you" another title: Love is a Revenge Language: Taglish Story Genre: Fanfiction [Unedited version] expect a lot of wrong typos,grammars etc. Date Start: January 1, 2018 Date Finish: February 18, 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Worry | Min Yoongi x Reader
    33.2K 1.5K 9

    Don't Lower Yourself Don't Set Yourself to Them You're Beautiful Enough Don't Worry Don't Worry Baby You're Beautiful -Min Yoongi "21 Century Girls" Cover by @TaestyPotaeto

  • Best Of Me • MYG
    9.1K 956 17

    A list of the best and worst moments Yoongi has ever had with her before she left. • completed •

  • The Last • MYG
    58.7K 4.3K 17

    • completed • y/n likes Yoongi. Yoongi likes y/n. But things aren't as simple as they sound. Or are they? Where Yoongi and y/n try to make their relationship work out. The Last Book of the First Love Series Book 1- First Love • MYG Book 2- Agust D? • MYG

  • Agust D? • MYG
    72.9K 5K 17

    • completed • Where Yoongi tries to find out who's been giving him pastel colored notes on the piano in the old music room. Book 2 of the First Love Series Book 1- First Love • MYG Book 3 - The Last • MYG (final book)

  • First Love • MYG
    80.5K 5K 17

    • completed • Where y/n always leaves pastel colored notes on the piano in the old music room for Yoongi Book 1of the First Love Series Book 2- Agust D? • MYG Book 3- The Last • MYG (final)

  • In love with my step brother ( Min Yoongi / Suga fanfic)
    5.9K 225 17

    " I'll never regard you as my mother !" - Y/N ----- " I hate you !" - Yoongi ----- " I hate you!" - Y/N ----- " I love you..." Yoongi slammed his lips onto Y/N's. ~~~~~~ One day, Y/N's parents divorced because her father was cheating on her mom. Her father married another women with a son, bringing Y/N along to live w...

  • with me | m.y.g.
    36.6K 1.3K 19

    "Come on. Put your gun down, and kiss me." warnings: action/violence, mention of abuse, some cussing

  • Forced Marriage // Jungkook (+18)
    214K 4.3K 16

    "Y/n i love goddamn..much!" he groaned each word. Thrusting faster, and deeper. WARNING; Mature Content