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  • Little White Lies (Bill Cipher x Reader)
    134K 6K 38

    Seven years post Weirdmageddon, (Y/N) returns to Gravity Falls with her best friend, Monty. They go back to her old cabin, expecting to catch up and meet with friends and make new memories. A few days later, things take a turn. A face (Y/N) really didn't want to see pops up. He shows up at her doorstep asking for assi...

  • Bill Cipher x Reader (One Shots | Completed!)
    264K 7.3K 32

    A collection of Bill Cipher x Reader one-shots with your favorite dream demon Bill Cipher!~ NOT taking requests! These are completed my dudes~ Be warned! Expect a lot of fluff or lots of feels... [ Best Rank: Gravity Falls - #8 Bill Cipher - #12 ]

  • Bill Cipher x reader book of oneshots
    16.4K 387 6

    Cover art by life-writer on tumblr! Hello! This will just be a huge combination of Bill Cipher x reader one shots! Not much more to be said lol. It's full of song fics, fluff and angst! And idea requests are open!

  • Bill Cipher x Reader .:ONESHOTS!:.
    43.5K 973 9

    So, this might be an ongoing story, I'm not sure. But anyways, I'll post only one part, and see what you guys think! =w= EDIT: 3/22/16: I decided to change the title because I think the Insane!Reader story has been done, and there isn't much to it, anymore. So, I'll be making more oneshots of Bill Cipher in this book...

  • Bill Cipher x Reader
    30K 566 12

    First this is the first book I've ever planned on publishing. Please feel free to request and vote. For request just give a plot. Maybe I'll do a lemon, or smut one shot. Comment what you think and reactions. Hope you like it. Sorry for my terrible grammar. I do not own Bill Cipher and other Gravity Falls characters...

  • Gravity Falls High School x Reader
    234K 8.9K 64

    (Y/N) was a new senior in Gravity Falls High School. There, she meets strange people whom she likes and dislikes - some students, and some teachers. Unexpectedly, her school year ends up being filled with romance with people from a voice-cracking smarty to a sly, yet yellow and handsome, teacher. Luckily, she has so...

  • Times With A Demon. ~Human! Bill Cipher X Reader.~
    5.9K 288 14

    ~Please Read To Get A Feel For The Book And So You Don't Miss Things.~ You had decided to go to Gravity Falls for your last week of summer to visit your uncle Fiddleford, since he'd regained his sanity and moved to a nicer home. While there you meet some friends and see some silly things. But the one thing that catche...

  • Lost and Found [Bill x Reader x Dipper]
    78.9K 2.9K 16

    (Y/n) is a young girl. She had a pretty normal life other than her alcoholic father and mother who is never at home, but when she is abandoned on a family camping trip everything changes for the better...or so she thought. -I'm sorry about all the grammatical errors, I wrote this back in like sixth grade and I don't w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something Beautiful Or Something Sweet ( Bill Cipher x reader x Dipper )
    87.7K 3.1K 21

    (Y/n) a 15 year old girl stayed in Gravity Falls for the summer. Two boys falls in love with her. Who will she choose? An ordinary boy or a Demon? ( this story takes place after Weirdmageddon like 2 years later )

  • Musical Devotee |♪| Bill Cipher X Reader
    175K 8.3K 40

    ❝Play for me, doll. For music is one of the sole factors that can cheer you up.❞ From the moment your show began, the strange man clad in yellow grew addicted to watching your performances - so much, that he pays to sit at the front of every one of your shows. After seeing him so many times, he finally introduces him...

  • Welcome to the Mindscape [Bill X Reader X Dipper]
    77.6K 2.7K 42

    What happens when two guys fall in love with one girl? Ahaha, it's not what you think. One guy is a thousand year old demon, and the other is a twelve-year-old human boy. So, who do you think will win the heart of the beloved READER!! Edit: 12/23/17 I,, damn I haven't checked this book in a long time and whoa?? 66k re...

  • Blighted (Bill Cipher x Reader)
    62.5K 2.6K 18

    Moving from your hometown all the way to oregon, it's tough. But when you instantly gain the trust of two fraternal twins, you feel like you belong there. Until a handsome man meets you in your dreams. He is literally your dream boy XD. But don't be blinded by the mysteries of Gravity Falls, Bill Cipher is not the onl...

  • Agreement and Compromise ( Bill Cipher x FEM! Reader)
    6.7K 288 11

    You leave on a camping trip only to bump into a geometric shape that will make you regret everything . Or could this be the most adventure-filled summer yet?

  • Bill Cipher X Reader & OC
    73.9K 1.5K 28

    You were staying in Gravity Falls for the summer but when the summer ended... A certain dream demon (THE ILLUMINATI) maybe found his very own soulmate .... Will you fall with him? Or Not? Will this work? or Will it fail?

  • Fool's Gold (Bill Cipher X Reader)
    189K 8K 26

    {Spoilers} (Y/N) was finally back in Gravity Falls where she could catch up with her old friends and see what had changed since her last visit. Soon after she arrives, she gets visits from a yellow dream demon claiming to have answers about her mother, who hadn't ever been in (Y/N)'s life. He's willing to share; for...

  • A Deal For Life
    49.2K 1.7K 21

    "A X O L O T L! My time has come to burn! I call upon the ancient powers, so that I may return!" ~Those were Bill Cipher's last words ever spoken until now.~ Bill Cipher has been awaken by a mysterious new dream demon, who has a thirst to take over the world. He makes a deal with Bill. Stating that he will bring back...

  • Gravity Falls Welcomes You (xreader)
    2K 108 27

    The storyline is kind of different from the show. I just kind of wanted to write about reader-chun having a nice summer in Oregon. You move into Gravity Falls with your uncle Dave. What will happen? Who will be your friends? Who will be your enemies? Read to find out! Hope you enjoy your summer, (Y/N). Cover made by...

  • Bill Cipher x Reader: Floating Above the Rest
    126K 4K 31

    (Y/N) is a girl that just moved to Gravity Falls, Oregon. Her dad is always down in his lab, and her mom is not very enthusiastic about being here, so she stays at home. (Y/N) finds two twins that she befriends and is taken by a Dream Demon, but for what reason? © JazDrownedisBack™ 2014 // THIS STORY IS NO LONGER BEIN...

  • 'Deal' Bill Cipher x reader
    62.7K 2K 14

    (Y/n) recently moved to the small town or Gravity Falls, Oregon. While disconcerting the mysteries of the area, she meets the Pines family and friends. Along the way, she comes across a certain dream demon... Could only 4 words change her summer? "Let's make a deal"

  • Rolling In The Deep (Bill Cipher X Reader)
    42.2K 1.8K 11

    This is from my deviantart! :3 What happens when adventurous reader-chan finds a necklace holding the powerful dream demon captive?

  • Bad Dreams ➳ Bill Cipher x Reader
    597K 20.3K 39

    ⚠️SPOILERS TO GRAVITY FALLS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK⚠️ !STAYING UNEDITED! (Y/n) was staying at their cousin's, Gideon Gleeful, house for the summer, at first it was EXTREMELY boring, until she met a certain demon that made their summer interesting... (THIS BOOK IS A MESS TO THE POINT THAT I CANT EVEN EDIT IT SO DONT GET...

  • All You Need's A Bit Of Bill In Your Life
    4.8K 215 3

    //Bill Cipher that is! Human Bill Cipher at that! But don't worry, there's a magical Dorito coming your way too!\\ You were just a normal person living a normal life in Gravity Falls. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing bazaar... Everything was normal! But um, what's this "magical triangle" you keep hearing about? An...

  • Coincidence - Bill Cipher x Reader
    54.9K 3.2K 20

    Bill is a demon. But let's hope his "love" doesn't find that out.

  • Bill Cipher X Reader: Sweet Dreams, Wallflower~
    39.8K 1.4K 14

    Y/N=your name (SLOW UPDATES) Bill is a human in this!!! ~read to find out more~ (I would also like to say I read another X reader where they used Wallflower, like how Dipper is pine tree, so that wasn't my idea! Okay let's go!!) ~~~ART IS NOT MINE AND BELONGS TO ITS BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, RIGHTFUL OWNER!!! IF YOU ARE...

  • Bill Cipher X Reader Lil' Demon on my Right Shoulder
    85.1K 3.6K 13

    A small idea I had for a Bill Cipher X Reader story. Parental Guidance is advised for some parts. Enjoy!

  • bound to you ; bill cipher x reader
    644K 23.7K 51

    It's been almost 3 years. Gravity Falls continued it's life after the catastrophe that happened almost 3 years ago. This Summer, a 16 year old girl named (Y/n) (L/n) took a trip to Gravity Falls to visit her aunt. Another reason for her visit is that she wanted to find out more about the rumors of Gravity Falls that h...

  • My Sunshine (Bill Cipher X Reader)
    54K 1.7K 12

    You just moved to Gravity Falls with your recently widowed mother. Just as your beginning to think you've found a place to belong, you discover that people aren't what they seem in this town, and if you aren't careful, you could be the next victim of a twisted game. *** A voice inside your head screams at you to stop...

  • Human!Bill Cipher X Reader - Mine Since Always
    18.4K 616 6

    Just a little Bill Cipher to blow your mind. It's likely to suck, and I'm trying to keep him in character but it's hard when all you wanna do is make him chuck flowers and love at your face before making out. ~ You were born, raised and stalked in Gravity Falls your whole life. You never knew it, but Bill had found in...