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  • Divergent High
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    After being in Dauntless for a little while, Tris and Four are friends, but have an awkward relationship. They both have feelings for each other but can't find words to express it. Will their love for each other find itself? Or will things never be the same? I want to give creds to the amazing author Veronica Roth...

  • Kendall y Kendall
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    [ACTUALMENTE EN EDICIÓN] Kendall es egocéntrico y Kendall es sencilla. Kendall es un idiota y Kendall es lista. Kendall es narcisista y Kendall es humilde. Kendall cree que con un par de ojos verdes y un cuerpo perfecto tiene al mundo en la palma de la mano, y Kendall le mostrará que se equivoca. Él es Kendall y ella...