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  • Married to Mark tuan
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    I walk in to see Mark and Sana kissing. When they see me come in I hear Mark yell, "GET THE HELL UPSTAIRS DONT YOU SEE WERE DOING SOMETHING NERD!" All I could do was walk up stairs and just put on a smile and not cry. I say to myself, "Don't show them your tears"

  • You're Mine (AMBW)
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    Aria Parker has always kept to herself. Im Jaebum captivates anyone with a single stare. Jaebum pins me to the wall of the rehearsal room and he's gazing at me, hard. I'm so captivated by his gaze that I can't even look away. He leans really close to my right ear and says, "I'll hurt anyone who does harm to you. No...

  • imagines ; 갓세븐
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    -A compilation of fluffy, sweet sometimes tear-jerking imagines for the seven loves of my life and my reasons for living? -7 or nothing 7 or never -Requests are open [DM :)] -Highest ranking: #64 in fanfiction - est since 10/5/2017

  • Why Me? (Mark Tuan FanFic)
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    Mark Tuan was your enemy at school and you hated every bit of him. One day you both get invited to a party and Mark gets dared to kiss you. Somehow the kiss changed you, you start to become friends with Mark and you get closer with him. One day Mark is certain to make you his but he doesn't know when that'll be, espe...