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  • Am I Really Falling For Her? (Stoey)
    1.1K 31 20

    Joey and Daniel broke up and now Joey is having mixed feelings about his sexuality. He often thinks about Stacy and how pretty she is. Wonder what would happen if he asked her out on a date. PLEASE DON'T SEND ME HATE I KNOW JOEY IS GAY IN REAL LIFE

  • I think I love her (A Gracy fan fiction)
    27.8K 767 37

    There once was a guy named Zach He was having a love attack He fell in love with the one and only StacyPlays Now all he is doing is thinking about her for days

  • It just felt right
    16.3K 591 43

    this is a gracy story based around graser and Stacy and updates are kinda random. this story is my first and its kinda PG13 but it just is simple and is how Stacy and Graser's relationship/friendship goes up and down while fighting other ships on there way to love and I hope you guys have enjoyed

  • This Love is Only Getting Stronger
    9.1K 297 29

    Graser and Stacy had just gotten married and told the fans. some didn't take it so well. will everything go downhill or will this love only get stronger? find out now. note this is a sequel to gracy is it true love please read that book before this,

  • gracy is it true love?
    34.9K 949 57

    stacyplays the youtuber that played the cube who meets a robot names graser10, will they confess that they like eachother or will one but create awkwardness between them?

  • Secret Stathan
    9K 476 81

    What if StacyPlays, a Minecraft YouTuber and Nathan_Oneday, a Minecraft Builder were in a relationship that almost nobody knew about? Behind the scenes of Stacy and Nathan's secret relationship. If you want, feel free to request ideas that you want to see

  • Gracy
    4.6K 89 14

  • Gracy (Sequel)
    5.3K 142 5

    The Gracy sequel. No official update schedule yet. The romance between Graser and Stacy.

  • "Luck" A #Gracy FF
    49.8K 1.9K 119

    **UNDERGOING EDITING CHAPTERS OUT OF 79 EDITED: 1** but if ur graser reacting to cringy ff skip to chapter 79 its the best NOTICE: This was the first ever fanfic I had ever written, so please keep in mind the very first chapters will be horribly written. "Luck" A Gracy Fanfic The ship name #Gracy is the ship of the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gracy (graser10 and stacyplays)
    127K 2.2K 35

    A romance blooms between a girl and a robot. (Stacy and Graser) This story gets updated every Friday.

  • Gracy: Infinitely [DISCONTINUED]
    1.8K 109 29

    Graser have been recently developing feelings towards a fellows youtuber named Stacy. He didn't want to ruin his relationship with Stacy but the question is does Stacy like him back?. This is not just any ordinary Gracy fan fiction this will have a twist in it that will be life changing for the #Gracy shippers. *WARNI...

    Completed   Mature
  • What A Stoey! *Joey Graceffa and Stacy Hinojosa fanfiction*
    60.9K 1.2K 61

    When Stacy finds out that Meghan has fallen for Joey, she has to try to stay safe and make sure Meghan doesn't start controlling her life! ( For any confusion their has been, I love Stacy 100%, any bad thing said by her or others in this story is purely said just for the storyline, I think Stacy is the most perfect, m...

  • Gracy Forever <3
    13.5K 289 25

    The sequel to "Gracy Becomes A Reality" continues the fanfic story of Graser and Stacy as they go from boyfriend and girlfriend to soon-to-be husband and wife.

  • Don't Fight Over Me ( Stacy , Graser , Devon FanFic )
    3K 59 8

    Ok ..... Um hi! This is my cubesmp fanfic. If you don't know what the cubesmp is. It's a group of minecraft Youtubers on a survival multiplayer server ( SMP ) and there's two ships I love on there. One of them is Gracy ( Graser And Stacy ) the second one is Stevon ( Stacy and Devon ) and the story is about Devon and...

  • Gracy Becomes a Reality
    25.5K 624 22

    Graser10 and StacyPlays have been friends for a while, but things start to get serious between them when they admit their feelings for each other... {Sequel: Gracy Forever <3}

  • Crafting Some Feelings (A Stoey Story)
    4.2K 155 12

    Joey plays a game called craft of the dead with one of his friends Stacy, but wait is he starting to get feelings for his roommate in this game? Does Stacy feel the same way? Will they find diamonds to make new pickaxes? We won't know until we read

  • Gracy: the story of us
    2.5K 89 17

    This story will be about the ship Gracy (Stacy and Graser) Graser has a youtube channel, and so does Stacy. But when the find each others channels and start to talk they begin to realise they like each other, but when they meet in real life things go uphill quickly...

  • Another Stoey Story
    11.6K 309 25

    For all the Stoey shippers out there.

  • "Gracy" (Cube Fan-Fiction)
    35K 692 18

    Stacy & Graser are two regular Cube members, that record videos for their fans. Little did they know, they'd begin to talk more after just one short clip. The cube decides that since they Had so much fun at PAX, they Should all meet up again and Spend time with eachother, Along with their fans. Read more to find out a...

  • A Gracy Fan-Fic: Can It Be True Love?
    8.5K 316 24

    In this story gracy,(the ship name for the two gamer Stacyplays and Graser10) experience feelings that change their relationship between each other. Can they keep their love alive or will the flame die? Find out by hitting the "read story" button!!! Hope you guys enjoy!!! -Totalgracyfreak

  • A Long while ago
    531 26 7

    Stacy Hinojosa-Jackson is seventy. Most of the time instead of talking about the past and/or thinking about it, she manages to always come to one point. She regrets not taking her feelings seriously about her oldest friend Joey. As Stacy tries to find him through his grandchildren, she begins to relive what it was lik...

  • Gracy One Shots
    23.2K 903 69

    Welcome to The Gracy Girl's Gracy one shots. We did not copy and ideas so sit back and enjoy the chapters and updates of this book! Note: This book is currently in the process of being edited by a perfectionist and random fangirl(Xxminecraft_girlxX) and (elyzau364), so only small changes are being made when it updates...

    7.5K 143 23

    A robot and a animal lover finally get their heads straight and become the cutest couple on minecraft! Oops! I said too much! #GRACY (Hi this is me two years after writing that^ I'd change it but Graser read it on camera so now it's too iconic)

  • "Gracy" a graser10 and stacysays fanfic❤️
    4.8K 156 12

    they're just friends right? they don't think of each other that way. or maybe...

  • Typical Stacy (a Stacy hinojosa fanfiction)
    8.3K 265 30

    Stacy has known Joey for a while. Stacy and Graser haven't known each other long. Joey loves Stacy. Graser loves Stacy. Stacy loves Graser. Find out if Graser and Stacy get together or if Joey ruins it all in "Typical Stacy"