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  • The Sticky Note Girl (2017)
    226K 2.4K 10

    As I was eating my sandwich, I noticed that he's staring at me. The boy beside Shawn. Does he know how rude it is to stare at someone? Especially to a stranger? I arched my eyebrow for him to know that I noticed and didn't appreciate what he's doing. He smiled at me mischievously. Now I'm starting to get annoyed so I...

  • City of Light, Love and Longing
    197K 4.7K 17

    Lana and Sebastian had been best friends for years, but a trip to Europe would change things between them forever.

  • SoMa at last
    25.8K 1.3K 38

    Soul and Maka thought they were done with evil shenanigans, well at least for a while. As students from the DWMA go missing it's up to Maka and her team to find them, but what they don't know is a stronger evil is lurking near by. Along the road Maka And Soul try and figure out their feelings for each other and try to...

  • Soul x Maka (Ended)
    8.4K 374 25

    Soul Eater Evens is in love with his meister Maka Albarn but doesn't know if he should tell her. Will they ever be in love? Also available on or Fanfiction Reader

  • Teenage parenting
    2.2K 97 17

    Maka Albarn ends up getting pregnant with twins, so now soul and maka must raise 2 kids plus go to school. What happens is another surprise comes around? (I'm really sorry I'm terrible at making summaries!!! Forgive me!!)

    Completed   Mature