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  • Still With Me
    8.4M 409K 29

    This is the third and final book in the "With Me" Series. You must read the first two books ("She's With Me" and "Stay With Me") in order to understand this one as it is a continuation. Who will Charlotte end up with? Will Noah and Chase ever be friends again? How will the relationship between Mason and Amelia progres...

  • Dangerous Rhoades
    1.6M 42.4K 24

    ***MATURE CONTENT*** 18+ ONLY Morgan Summers loses her long time job at a book store, leaving her with a pile of bills and rent due. She has no choice but to apply for a job a bar with her best friend Liv to make ends meet... But the owner is nothing like what she expected. Tyler Rhoades is brooding, mad...

  • Sinful
    777K 25.1K 41

    Explicit Context...18+ "There's no way out of this for her." he smirked allowing me a glimpse of his pearly teeth "Unless of course you take her place." he added his chilling blue eyes fixing on me "Take her place in the deal?" I asked stupidly He nodded, his lips spread further and his eyes narrowing to thin slits "A...

  • Borgata - Book II #wattys2016
    8.7M 362K 38

    VENDETTA SERIES TRAILER: ***NOTE: This is Book 2 of the Vendetta series. I recommend that you read Omertà before this book so that you have a gist of what's going on. However, this is a prequel, meaning this story happened before Omertà, and CAN be read on its own! :) ** ...

  • RAGE.
    1.9M 82.4K 66

    *Category : Dark Romance|Thriller|Action|Mystery.* *MatureContent. 18+ Only.* A/N: If you are underage, or find the topics of molestation, abuse, rape etc. uncomfortable, please do not read this book. The author is in no way responsible for your discomfort or trauma if you continue reading it despite the warning.. ...

  • Omerta- Book I (Winner of the 2015 People's Choice Award)
    43.1M 1.4M 78

    VENDETTA SERIES TRAILER: * * * Omertà- noun (as practiced by the Mafia) a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities. Scarlett moves into her new apartment with the mentality that she will start fresh and rule her own life...

  • One Day, Maybe. #NewAdult
    681K 28.7K 29

    Book 2 Of "Hello, Mr. Darcy" I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you first read "Hello, Mr. Darcy" Summary : "One day, maybe, we'll learn to love each other without hurting one another. And when that day comes, maybe then we'll be happy." _________________________________ Longer Synopsis Inside!!!