• Why Does She Smell So Delicious?
    • foreverlosttear
    • 51 parts
    554K 18.7K

    Why does she smell so delicious? Bastian doesn't know. All he knows is that he craves the girl, heart, mind, body and soul. But would even a girl with suicida...

  • Heirs of War
    • MaraValderran
    • 26 parts
    1.2M 856

    Seventeen-year-old Zelene doesn't believe in magic or prophecies. When she's told she is part of the prophecy foretelling five powerful girls bringing peace to...

  • We Were Just Kids in Love
    • vovnix
    • 24 parts
    1M 19.7K

    Roxy Cruz and Nate Mahoney have been best friends since the age of 7 and were inseparable until Roxy's parents were transferred to Australia. It's been four...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Just Friends"
    • HaleyDea15
    • 22 parts
    1.2M 18.7K

    STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT! DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18, UNLESS YOU CAN HANDLE IT!! “Dominic.” I moaned. I couldn’t do this! I was just a little bit classier wasn’t I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Do You Love Me?
    • katiecruz
    • 21 parts
    • Updated a month ago
    4M 28K

    (Humor #3 Romance #4 - EDITING) This is Clarey: A slim, pretty, brunette tomboy. This is Evan: A spoiled, cocky, handsome rich boy. Mix the two together an...

  • Strictly Business
    • TheRealOP
    • 37 parts
    3.6M 73.6K

    “It’s so simple,” I say. “All we have to do is pretend we’re in love with each other. You know, hold hands, share Eskimo kisses and all that crap. And at th...

  • For Hating Me You Sure Are Possessive
    • JadedRein
    • 64 parts
    39.8M 452K

    Logan is nothing like his brother Maver; Kara's best friend. He's straightforward, crude and just an over all menace. So, when Maver moves in with his brother...

  • There's a Rebel in My Bed! (BoyxBoy)
    • Poetically-Damaged
    • 28 parts
    1.6M 37.4K

    #2 in the "There's A ...." series He’s a bad boy, I’m an angel. He carries a knife, I carry books. He loves violence, I love Pokémon. So how did he get in my...

  • Big Fat Liar (Available Amazon Kindle/ Ebook)
    • xxWhoAteMyCookiexx
    • 9 parts
    8.7M 30.3K

    Callie Picket,the-fat-girl-next-door has a big fat secret. Well, a secret she's been successfully hiding from her oh so sexy apartment neighbor Chris Walker. I...