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  • California Love (Tupac and Aaliyah.)
    3.8K 669 12

    This story will be about teen/young adult love in a place like California. 80s-00's era. STARTED: June 14, 2018 END:

    7.7K 507 38

    Set In The 1980/90's.

  • Zaddy's Baby Girl (BWWM) (Interracial)
    98.2K 3.6K 31

    "I'm everything that you shouldn't get involved with, baby girl", he said smirking as he exhaled the smoke from his cigarette. I was mesmerized by the man and I couldn't look away from his eyes. "You don't seem so bad", I responded absentmindedly. He chuckled humorlessly, "That's because you don't know me, baby girl"...

    Completed   Mature
  • In Love With Two Sisters
    20.7K 1.4K 26

    This story is about Aaliyah being in a abusive relationship with her boyfriend Eazy E and Tupac persuades her to leave him and have a relationship with him telling her that he can treat her way better. But things turns out ugly once tupac reunites with Aaliyah's sister Kidada which is his ex wife.

  • Rap and R&B Don't Mix (Tupac and Aaliyah Love Story)
    2.2K 78 15

    Most people thought that Aaliyah and Tupac would've been the greatest couple of all time but, let's be real, R&B and Rap Don't Mix well together. In other words, their personalities didn't mix well with each other. Unless....They could prove us wrong? Read to find out....

  • all that. { Ronnie Devoe Story }
    20.7K 1.4K 39

    Justice Daymond is finally in her fourth year of college and she's sick and tired of school. She majors in dance because that is her passion and she wants to be on tour. She has been in dance for all of her time in college and she really loves her dance teacher because she brings our many opportunities for her. One da...

    Completed   Mature
  • After Class (Janet and Aaliyah)
    58.5K 2.5K 44

    You be the teacher, I'll be the student...

  • Not Your Average Girl
    4.3K 298 17

    This story takes place back in 1993. Aaliyah (17 years old) is a teenager who lives in Brooklyn, New York. It's finally senior year and She is more excited than any of her friends are about graduating High School. Despite, her sharp tongue and abundant ego. Aaliyah is very smart and wants to turn some of her dreams i...

  • Honey. |Hiatus
    9.2K 525 19

    "Kiss me". Without hesitation he connected his lips with mine. Our lips perfectly moved in sync with one another. And I can taste the honey on his lips.... Copyright: @SanaaEdition , 2017. Do not copy my story! New Cover by: @oraaacle

  • My Thug (A Aaliyah And Tupac Story)
    1.5K 48 10

    Aaliyah And Pac Ya Right Is It A Joke No Actually Not . PAC Is The Totally Different From Aaliyah He Is Outgoing , hardworking,funny,sensitive, And intelligent Aaliyah was Sweet , Blunt , Outspoken , Intelligent as well, Very determined let's just say they brung out the better in each , Until Death Do Them Apart

  • On the Run
    342K 16.2K 39

    Devious and an outlaw is what they called Laney Cole. Quiet, manipulative, scandalous, and rebellious is what she was. She made sure to leave a mark on every street she walked on, but there was one thing. She was on the run!

  • Guns 'N Roses
    3K 246 22

    Aaliyah: Beauty Booty and Brains wrapped up in one. She's one of the most known female dealers in the south. Her indifferent personality and independent ways is what separates her from people of "her kind". She's your typical "Trap Queen" with a different work ethic....and then there's August. August is well...he'...

  • Aaliyah
    322 14 7

    Aaliyah is a girl who was born in the drug game along w/ her two brothers Allen & Aaron.. They all grew up in a strict household.... Their father was a big time low key druglord of the streets of Brooklyn.... Everybody knew of him... & little knew him.. He was doing this for his family... Little did they know one of...

  • Are You The One?
    3.9K 292 32

    You have to read to find out.

  • How Do U Want It? (editing)
    22K 1.3K 39

    "comin' up as a nigga in the cash game livin' in the fast lane, i'm foreal ..." ©fortiesn9s 2015

    Completed   Mature
  • Temptations: A Tupac and Aaliyah Love Story(On Hold)
    6.8K 192 9

    If you listen to Tupac's temptation song you'll get a better understanding of the book. Anywho Aaliyah is new to California and she's now under the label DeathRow. Sounds familiar? Well let's just say everyone welcomed her with open arms except Tupac. He was just rude to her. Aaliyah never knew why Pac had so much agg...

  • My Brother's Keeper | August A. & Aaliyah | Book 1 | Editing
    175K 8K 36

    Marcus has been taking care of his younger sister Brianna for as long as he can remember. Whenever she needed him he was there for her. But now it's up to Brianna to help her brother out in his time of need after a few bad decisions has put him on the hit list of the notorious August Alsina. August is a ruthless kingp...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Boyfriend's Keeper | August A. & Aaliyah | Book 2
    73.6K 3.5K 34

    This is the sequel to My Brother's Keeper. You will need to read the first book or you will be a little confused. It's been two years since August was arrested and Brianna found out she was pregnant. A lot has happened over these two years. A lot of things were hidden from August but once he comes home everything wil...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Care 4 You
    1.4K 60 6

    A simple, 90s love story.✨ ❤️🌸

  • Young Love
    747 53 5

    Paris snatched Camren into the room and pushed him to the oo and you uwouldn't believe but she kissed him ,the uuuukiss became more passionate and they began to strip eachother clothes off and went to the couch of the dressing room. Camren kissed her down to her candy and passionately licked it in till she came.He k...

  • ~Not Your Ordinary Girl
    1.4K 66 15

    Lyric is not your ordinary girl she view things different in life music is her passion but she don't wanna be famous what happens when your shy innocent 19 year old from Harlem makes a huge change in the music industry and changes people life by becoming something inspiring To the world Tune in and watch how lyric l...

  • U know what's up (an Aaliyah fanfiction)
    2K 128 11

    Katherine Kimberly Haughton (aka Kat) is an average teenager who's life just got a little more complicated. As she goes back in time to the 90s she meets Tupac and Lisa Left-eye lopes who she finds out are her best friends and Aaliyah as her identical twin sister. Read the book to find out what happens to Kat while sh...

  • Too Young: A ChriLiyah Story
    2.5K 35 3

    Chris is a broke college kid who moves in with his best friend Shad. Upon moving in, Chris meets Aaliyah, a successful radio DJ who happens to live across the hall. Tranced by her beauty, Chris tries to woo her by any means necessary.

  • The Worst Step Sister
    25.5K 1.7K 71

    Aaliyah Haughton is a smart,pretty,and nice girl who lives with her brother and single mother. Lisa Lopes is a smart,pretty,and mean girl who lives with her brother,sister,and single father....Everyday at Roosevelt High School, Aaliyah is bullied by Lisa Lopes. But what happens when the bully and the quiet

  • The Princess of RnB(Editing)
    16.8K 921 61

    Aaliyah: Pretty Shy Plain marvelous Follow Aaliyah on her journey of ups and Downs and loops and turns when she meets new people and finds true love....maybe? Stuck in a love triangle,will she choose right or wrong despite all the fame and fortune, will she make a good decision, even After the unexpected happens? To...

  • Climax .
    3K 161 7

    Pac has duplicity , but he explains his complicated relationship(s) .

  • Together Forever Aaliyah And Tupac Love Story
    3.8K 132 10

    Young 13 year old Aaliyah moves from Detroit to New York. She thinks it's time for her to do things herself until she meets Tupac at the pool . There were lots of hard, mean painful and fun times through both of them but, they both knew they would be together forever.

    Completed   Mature
  • Turn The Page
    3.2K 164 14

  • Tupac & Aayliah love story
    5.7K 186 23

    I'm back