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  • The Cellar
    24.5M 484K 33

    For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers can't survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out...

  • Oooo... Burn!
    154K 6.2K 87

    Now you can serve that perfect burn! (Whether it be funny or fandom-related) Highest Rank: #119 in Random

  • Adopted
    2.6M 82.7K 34

    Being adopted is hard, being adopted by a serial killer is even harder. Cover by: Verde56

  • Puppet Boy
    3.6M 168K 17

    "My beautiful Puppet Boy and my beautiful Puppet Girl." A teenage boy and girl find themselves trapped in the lair of a crazy man obsessed with human puppetry. #1 in horror - 12/6/15 [featured - 12/30/15] All Rights Reserved WARNING: My books contain disturbing themes. This includes gore, murder, kidnapping, sexual a...

  • The Man (Puppet Boy Prequel)
    868K 52.4K 17

    Everybody has a tale of how they came to be - some tell the journey to strength, some tell the journey to happiness. Some happen to involve cruelty and torture. This is the story of the crazy man obsessed with human puppetry. *PREQUEL FOR PUPPET BOY* #3 in horror - 1/20/16 created Nov. 30, 2015. All Right...

  • Expired
    26.3K 1.5K 19

    Everyone has an expiration date. But what happens if you poke a hole in the package. What happens if you open it. How long will it last. When will it go bad. Can you make it expire faster. The more you poke and play with it, the faster it goes bad. But when you find the package expired, it's too late. Sage Lantern is...

  • Stay Away From Georgie
    369K 27.2K 26

    Georgie is no ordinary friend. Georgie lies, makes false promises, and he does other things too. Very, very bad things. That's why if you meet Georgie, you should stay away from him. A short Horror Story

  • She Became My Bestfriend
    140K 12.6K 47

    *This has no hate towards Muslims by the way if anyone thought so:)* "My name is Hazel Owens and I will never forget September 11, 2001. I lost my mother on that day. I was only four years old when it happened. Every time I see a Muslim the pain comes back again..." Hazel Owens is a girl who lost her mother in the 9/1...

  • A Present For My Daughter
    31.1K 826 2

    If you're looking for a happy holiday story to read, then I'm sorry to tell you that you've come to the wrong place. In fact, this story is probably the most disturbing story you will ever read. Don't say that I didn't warn you.

  • Violet
    1.7M 105K 74

    A loving father desperate for power. A mother trying to save her family. A girl named Violet trying to find out what went wrong in her life and why her father is desperate for her to sacrifice her soul to an evil book.

  • Hide and Seek
    9.3M 303K 36

    How does your night go from a game of Hide and Seek with your best friend, to your parents being murdered the same night? On top of that, you're sent to live with your mother and father's best friend, Mrs. and Mr. Harmon. Although Emily and her brother have no idea who these people are, they're given the luxury life a...

  • Return of Sally (Sequel to Sally) (Book 2)
    194K 8.1K 26

    In the first book Sally, the main character Angela was going to die until she killed Sally, thus ending the spirit of Sally, or so she thought... So now we will continue the story from the point of view of a little girl named Madison, who is also the daughter of Angela. Enjoy reading the sequel to "Sally" **This is JU...

  • Beware The Haunted House
    125K 5.3K 26

    Katherine William's father has passed away. Her life has turned upside down without him. She along with her family shifted to a small town named Southampton. She is unknown of the danger that awaits her in Lovely Villa. She has encounters with the evil. Some secrets are revealed that will make your eyes pop out of you...

  • Secret Ingredient
    75.3K 1.1K 4

    A world called Nocturnia… a nightmare place, populated by every monster you've ever heard of – werewolves, vampires, zombies, trolls, yeti, Frankensteinian patchwork creatures -- and some you probably haven't. Monsters aren’t the exception on Nocturnia, they're the rule. In fact, they rule: Each monster type has its o...

  • house with secrets
    56.3K 3.2K 24

    16 year old savannah just moved into a new house with her step mom. She believes its a nice home. Is it really?

  • Revenge - Short Horror
    16.5K 1.1K 10

    You better think twice before picking up that knife. Stabbing her with words from your mind. Before you know it, it's already too late, she's dead. But she's been planning her revenge after all the harsh words you said. (This story was accidentally unpublished so I lost all votes and comments on it but thankfully it w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Unknown
    22.6K 1.1K 11

    Enjoy sleeping with the lights ON. .

  • Puppet master
    55.2K 2K 19

    I'm a puppet. I look at you. You think I'm still? Think again. I may look plastic, but i still know you. Wanna play with me? Fun for me, but not for you. Wanna hand me to a little kid? I hope you know your horror facts. Think your prepared? I know you more than you know yourself.

  • Sally (Book 1)
    1.1M 41.3K 52

    "Don't cry. We still have each other." Angela looked around her then froze and looked down to see her doll Sally smiling at her. Angela was shocked. "You talk ?" She smiled. "Of course I do. I was sent from the heavens to be your best friend. And nothing can tear us apart." Angela smiled and wiped her eyes off. She hu...

  • No Smart Kids Allowed
    1M 69.2K 38

    The smartest children never remain in Johnson City Middle School. Why? It's not because they drop out, get removed, or can't deal with the educational modules. It's because the teachers do not allow smart kids. The Rules: 1: No asking questions. Just do as we say. 2: Never state your opinion. It doesn't matter. 3: Don...

    Completed   Mature
  • Learn Korean
    1.3M 15.2K 44

    As the title says, here you can learn Korean ;) Note: I'm not Korean I'm trying to learn it too and I try to be as careful as possible by using data from various websites not only from one. If you think something is wrong or there are more ways to say something please write it on the comments and help me make a book...

  • The Preacher's Girl
    161K 6.1K 30

    Everyone thinks being the Preacher's daughter is so easy but let me tell you a little secret, it isn't. You have to be perfect all the time no matter what, and I was perfect or at least I let everyone believe that I was, until Alex that is. Alex liberated me. Alex made me the person I am today and I guess that's why I...

  • His [The Cellar sequel]
    5.3M 121K 16

    After escaping from police custody, Clover tries to piece his life back together. Determined to return to home and be reunited with his family, he has to first elude the country wide man hunt. Will he be able to resist his old ways in order to remain undetected? After hearing that Colin has escaped, Summer and Becca p...

  • How to Reform a Rake (Myths Finding Love #3) COMPLETED!
    5.4M 288K 45

    [Zeus x Hera] (Note: Rake is an old term for player) For thousands of years, the Queen of the Gods has put up with her philandering, arrogant, conceited and uncaring husband. She became known as a jealous and vindictive queen. But turning your husband's mistresses into a cow was justified, right? But what happens when...

  • How To Defy Fate (Myths Finding Love #4)
    250K 12.1K 9

    Since the first time the prince of the Underworld can remember, he has been drawn towards Helen of Troy. Hers was the face that launched a thousand ships and started the legendary Trojan war. He grew up believing she was meant to be his and endured the pain of unrequited love in the process. The problem? Thousands of...

  • How I Fell For Death (Myths Finding Love #2)
    7M 349K 46

    [COMPLETED!] (Sequel to How to be a Queen) Aerith and Hades already have their fairytale ending. They've also been blessed with twins: Aidon and Aurea. I'm Aurea by the way and this is my story. When I was born, the Fates declared that me and my brother will live a difficult life. And I guess they were right for we we...

  • This Would Be Paradise (Book 2)-A Zombie Novel
    2.1M 122K 46

    (Book 2) Community connotes safety, togetherness. But does it? When Bailey and Chloe head back on the road, they come across strange markings belonging to a group intent on bloodshed and abduction. With a heinous enemy lurking in the shadows, they find help in new and old friends along the way. Together when they fin...

  • This Would Be Paradise (Book 1)-A Zombie Novel
    4.3M 195K 43

    (Book 1) In a world where a virus has spread turning most of the population into flesh eating monsters, there are two friends partying it up in New Orleans when the infection hits. Far away from home, they are trapped and trying to make sense of all that has happened with the help of new friends and enemies along the...