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  • Nude » h.s (#Wattys2016)
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    "There is a little bit of devil in her angel eyes." [Book 1] // © 2014 Qveendom. All Rights Reserved. || Editor: @lola7909 || Highest Rank #1 in fanfiction

  • Can A Killer Love(Creppypasta love story)
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    A 17 year old girl, losses her brother and losses the love of her parents. One day she snaps and kills them. She ran into the woods and ran into Slender man. He bring her to the mansion. Where she loves in love with one of the killers there. Do they have a amazing relationship. Or will he not feel the same. Or will so...

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    WELCOME TO CREEPYPASTA. Well, you know what they say about creepypasta, right? And you aren't planning to sleep any time soon, right? This is a collection of creepy stories that floats around on the Internet, also known as creepypastas. If they are real or not is up to you to believe.