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  • friends ; chanbaek
    3.8K 216 1

    [COMPLETED] "i love you. i promise." * chanbaek one shot #98 in slightangst #75 in slightangst

  • hello stranger ; chanbaek
    158K 10.7K 22

    [COMPLETED] "I'm Byun Baekhyun, what about you?" Chanyeol stays quiet, making Baekhyun's lips form a thin line. "Well then, hello stranger." * 020617 #297 in Fanfiction :o :o cc. firelightus

  • forced love ; chanbaek
    1.1M 56.8K 36

    [COMPLETED] Nothing wrong will happen between two people that hate each other under the same roof, right? highest: #44 in fanfiction. #16 in baekhyun #9 in chanbaek #3 in slightangst 100116 cc. firelightus

  • blue ; chanbaek
    8.4K 604 1

    [COMPLETED] Baekhyun loves the color blue. He also loves a certain giant. * chanbaek one shot cc. firelightus #55 in onesided

  • oh my, baekkie! ; chanbaek
    212K 10.7K 15

    [COMPLETED] The moment I saw you I knew you weren't a second choice. You were what I needed. 020716 ---------- cc. firelightus highest: #498 in fanfiction~ thank you all, you guys are jjang! :D #3 in chaptered ;000

  • wish ; chanbaek
    31.5K 1.4K 3

    [COMPLETED] Do you ever wish that you didn't hurt the person you love? a chanbaek two-shot story 101015 -------- cc. firelightus

  • will you? ; chanbaek [BOOK 1]
    162K 5.4K 10

    [COMPLETED] He gave his love to him, he ignored it. Will you still love that certain person when you know he doesn't even love you back? Will You? 082915 cc. firelightus ------