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  • Wanda's Vision
    11.1K 407 5

    Contains spoilers from Avengers and Avengers Age of ultron. This fanfic is only based on the Marvel movies and not the comics, although that's where the relationship between the red scarlet witch and the vision is from. Wanda is lost in grief after the death of her brother and believes that she is broken forever. How...

  • Seeing Red -Romanogers-
    19.1K 763 11

    In which Natasha Romanoff must relive her past, dragging Steve Rogers into the flames with her. {Post TWS, Pre AoU, Romanogers, slow updates}

  • The Captain and the Widow
    5.7K 196 5

    Captain Steve Rogers AKA Captain America has been targeted as a fugitive. S.H.E.I.L.D is being torn apart from the inside. Hydra has come out from the shadows and is ready for attack. The Winter Soldier is hunting him. There's only one good thing about the situation. His partner Natasha Romanoff better known as Black...