SilviaV's Reading List

  • His Music
    182 5

  • The Moon Prophecy: The Cursed Child [Still Revising]
    14.3K 102

    In a world where the gods exist, royalties rule, and magic's abundant, people live in perfect harmony. But when the dark forces started to move and the peace o...

  • Judge Me Not
    10.3K 209

    Watties United is here to help undiscovered talent amongst wattpad.

  • Frozen Watch
    8.4K 47

    Ever heard of an Epic Love Storey? It usually is in the girls perspective. But don’t you ever wonder about the guys view? What if you were in his shoes? …A...

  • The Four Kingdoms
    347 20

    The Kingdoms are at war. This was a surprise to no one, the Kingdoms are always at war. The King has been so focused on winning that he failed to see what he...

  • Let's Kill Tonight ~ A Draco Malfoy Love Story
    398K 9.3K

    Draco Malfoy/OC story with romance, adventure and action. Rebecca Rosewood's life is dramatically changed when she becomes a Death Eater. With blood on her han...

  • The Dying Girl
    3.3K 146

    Life for Ella is perfect. She has a mother and father that support her, a little brother that keeps her down to earth and a best friend that is always there to...

  • Kidnapped by a Vampire....Wait! What ?!?!
    64.3K 707

    Morgan was the daughter of the two most rich people in the US well apart from the president of course. She hated the way people always acted like they wanted t...

  • Title: Anmon
    393 18

    In a world where Angels and Demons live together in peace, there shouldn't be many common hates. What if you were the outcast in this world? What would you do...