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  • Get You Some Money
    1.1K 11 3

    All she wanted was to survive. Get money and have fun. But Lyric got out. Everyone does eventually, right? Not when you know a guy name Beano.

  • Her savior
    47.1K 1.6K 53

    Maelynn is all alone in the world. She gets no love at the one bedroom apartment she's forced to call home and to make matters worse she's treated badly at school. She's a plus size girl and kids pick on her constantly. With her ex-best friend dating her number one tormentor bullying had quickly escalated into somethi...

  • OPEN| (18+) ✔
    90.9K 3.6K 46

    "I'm not here to change your mind" --- Growing up, Kolina 'Kodie' Woods didn't have it necessarily easy, especially after her father's short battle with drugs. With drugs winning him over, and a mother ultimately falling victim to the same, in addition to the love of her life dealing with various issues, Kodie finds h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Is Blind
    12.3M 307K 144

    Book 1 (NOT EDITED YET, SO IF YOU HATE LITTLE MISTAKES OR GRAMMAR ERRORS PLEASE DON'T READ.) "Love is blind, and it will take over your mind What you think is love, is truly not You need to elevate and find." Jada is stuck in a relationship with her boyfriend Aaron/Ace of 2 years. Ace is verbally, mental, physical and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Curves
    113K 5.7K 44

    Curves are a blessing and a curse. Wanted and unwanted. Praised and criticized. Curves can be a very dangerous weapon. Monique never knew how to handle her womanly figure. She always thought they were the curse rather than the blessing. She had been knocked down so far for her size. Who knew it would take just one to...

  • Unspoken Agreement
    491K 21.3K 30

    Sparkle Hayes was the definition of a bad bitch. She had the money, the looks, and the attitude. What happens when her and the notorious Nas 'Rocko' Palms cross paths? Read to find out...