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  • one shots of the haikyuu breed {on-going}
    6.6K 364 47

    These are gonna be hella random smuts/oneshots/random shit/shitty oneshots/fluff so I mean just bear with me and enjoy the ride.

  • irusu: ikigai {on-going}
    1.6K 135 36

    Both Akaashi and Kuroo's success has drawbacks with their forever lovely fans. Rated R

  • Kenma's New Clothes [KuroKen]
    59K 3.3K 19

    Kenma really loves to wear girls clothing, but is afraid of being judged or standing out. Kuroo, his childhood friend and crush, finds out and decides to help his setter. ☆STORY COMPLETE☆

  • left behind ;; bokuaka
    427 33 1

    call my name like you used to and tell me everything's okay, because im not really used to this kind of pain. - formerly "cherry blossoms" cover & plot ;; titsurou characters ;; haruichi furudate

  • no homo | bokuroo au
    6.8K 436 4

    bokuto has a crush on a girl, kuroo is determined to help him. but teaching someone how to love has its own risks [tw: strong language, mature content, use of/mention of drugs (weed), lowercase intended]

  • ethereal - bokuaka {haikyuu}
    33.6K 3K 12

    ethereal |əˈTHirēəl| adjective extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world Akaashi looks like he is too perfect for this word. He doesn't just look too perfect... He is. Akaashi is a spirt... Bokuto is a human... If Bokuto touches Akaashi, he will disappear... How do you love someon...

  • attached // daisuga
    2.6K 268 7

    he didn't know how to let go, and it was tearing them apart.

  • (ON HOLD) Be With Me ~ Daisuga Fanfic ~ Haikyuu!
    18.6K 929 8

    Sugawara Koshi never had any luck when it came to relationships, he was always dumped first for either a guy or a girl. So when he decides he's had enough, and starts to give up on searching for that special some-one, a certain person comes along. His emotions start to stir; stronger than they ever had before, as the...