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  • Intervention; Thy Name Is Bakusen'O! || lunamist » vonlane
    7.4K 587 31

    Determined to undo the damage Sesshoumaru has wrought, Bakusen'O takes a dying Inuyasha into his protection until the Lord of the West comes to understand his brother's worth. Centuries later, Inuyasha has been released into his brother's care. Soon Sesshoumaru comes to understand, a sibling relationship is not what h...

  • Dead Love || DubuTofuu » vonlane
    1.4K 105 2

    Naruto loved him. He loved Sasuke, and the other loved him. Together even in death, I'll be with you. -☀- A Naruto fanfiction: SasuNaru. I have permission from the author to translate and post this. Original Story by @DubuTofuu|| find it at:

  • Happy Sadness || HeissenSaudade » vonlane
    3.5K 141 2

    " You've constructed some precious wings with feathers made of your memories with him and with wax fabricated of the hope to be able to fly close to the sun called Naruto. And, just like Icarus, you've burned your wings, falling into a deep lake in which you're drowning from so much love." -☀- A Naruto fanfi...

  • The Uchiha's Toy || FullbusterFic » vonlane
    203K 8.2K 61

    First part: Ever since Deidara joined the Akatsuki, he's only been a toy for the organization, tortured and abused by everyone. His hopes fall on Itachi Uchiha, the one at fault for having to live this way, for having to feel so much hate and yet... the one at fault for starting to fall in love with him. When he'...

  • The Ninja Cats Of Kakasasu
    1.4K 58 1

    Sasuke Uchiha is a regular student that just happens to fall in love with his teacher. Turns out his feelings are returned, too. So he and his teacher start seeing each other; what could possibly go wrong? KakaSasu for you all. Enjoy! ^_^

  • I'll Protect You
    10.7M 415K 55

    Whoever wished they could live the life of royalty deserved a punch in the face. Meet Park Sparrow, a feisty, sarcastic, and reckless outcast who's just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. With an attitude and personality that gets her in more trouble than anything, she's a wild splash of color in the othe...