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  • The beast
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    You'll see ^_^

  • From Children to Men
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    The American Revolution was originally a small uprising; riots started in opposition to British oppression. But how? How on earth did a group of merely thirteen colonies win against one of the greatest empires to exist on the map? What events took place that led to British-a vast network with a superior navy and army...

  • Hetalian Diaries
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    Prussia needs to know what everyone's up to at all times. At the world meetings, he miiiiight sneak a peak at their diaries.

  • Holiday Writing!
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    Where I'm giving out the writing I did for friends for the holidays, I mean, they're not all holiday themed, but they're still my presents to them.

  • Tomato Valley!
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    The countries get 'kidnapped' by Prussia, America, Spain, Denmark and France. What could go wrong? A lot of things. They crash a plane. Things happen. Blood and death and fluff!

  • The Bloodiest War
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    So, this is a book that has been in the works for a while, aka, we were really lazy. And by 'we' I mean EndtheCreeper and I were super lazy. This is the story of the American Civil War... or our interpretation of it. We will be roughly following the storyline of history for this particular war, but with our own twists...

  • (Hetalia) America Oneshots
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    Just some oneshots of America x everyone in hetalia. I guess I read to many amechu oneshots. XD Also America must be a uke! And some Fem!America will be in this. I also do requests! :D

  • Hetalia Moments-Good and Bad
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    this is FULL of funny, touching, and downright depressing moments in Hetalia. some with be Fan-made things, others, straight from the anime. if i find a moment that hit me, hard, i'll post it here for you all to see!

  • I'll KILL for you!
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    Jasper Jones is a goth boy whose an famous youtuber in high school. Even though he's famous on youtube, facebook, and has a lot of friends. But however, his life at home isn't so great. His adoptive family is abusive to him. They want Jasper to kill himself. Around this time, he receives a mysterious chat online from...

  • OTP Scenarios
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    A book full of scenarios about OTP's. We all have them, so why not have a few fun scenarios with our beloved couples? This book is entirely written by @itsageekthing and @xXFallenHeroXx explore their accounts for some other stuff, we know you'll enjoy. Requests are not taken, our apologies. You may use these scenarios...

  • Visiting
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    Visiting, that's what the three of them were doing. Their country wanted them to go spend a week at "Iggy's" house, three states that didn't get along very well. Will they come back with a new found friendship? Or will they only hate each other more? A/N: I had such a hard time picking a cover for this Fanfi...

  • Pics & Thoughts
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    Random things, a lot of pictures, maybe some rants, all me. Basically a journal.

  • Declassified
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    There's a ringing that you can't explain. A feeling that you can't shake. There's a reason you were scared of the dark when you were young. Maybe you still are. If you still fear the dark, you're among the smart humans on this desolate earth. If you do figure it out, don't panic. Just pray. Depending on who you are, t...

  • The American Empire: The Plan
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    There's a side of America that almost all personifications have come into, at least brief, contact with. A side that none would rather pay attention to. A side that most all of them know of, but one they rather ignore. It may just prove to be their downfall. First book in the American Empire series. A Hetalia Fan-Fict...

  • Doodles!
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    Can a Potato art? Well you'll find out in my new art book! Welcome to the newer and greatly improved version of my doodles! My art skills have gotten better since the first chapters of my old book! This book features whatever fandoms I'm in so expect a lot of Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Hetalia, and Undertale! This bo...

  • The 50 Personalities of America
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    Like I said 50 states = 50 personalities. I really need to stop writing so much fanfiction. But I can't help it! I swear this one and one more and I swear I'll be done and continue other stories. Also Hetalian World, get ready to meet America's 50 personalities! (Also places, like Puerto Rico and the virgin islands...

  • Hetalia Theories/Headcanons
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    My hetalia theories and headcanons.

  • Psychological Facts!
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    Psychological facts help you understand people, your friends actions, and maybe yourself. Psychological Facts tells you more about people actions even a single tear coming downing either the left or right eye! (Psychological Facts CAN be right or wrong BUT it helped me a lot understand my friends actions! It all dep...

  • Meet the Defense
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    Meet the US Armed Forces and others! You can ask them questions, dare them and all that jazz. Also slight plot at some point. All characters are my own (except for that one brief ask concerning aph characters) and belong to me. If you would like to use them in any way, please ask before...

  • Country's Lament: Bound by Desire 「BOOK 2」
    16K 1.9K 71

    The allied nations were successful. The existence of personifications was revealed to the world and the dark, violent, and overbearing actions of their governments were revealed. The lives of nations were regarded with sympathy and horror all around the world. Yes they had fulfilled their purpose, but after that, than...

    Completed   Mature
  • Letting Go
    3.2K 257 9

    America has come to terms with his past, and is leaning from it. He's learned new ways to handle his stress, with help, and is working hard to help the world. He's been helping others as well, but he may be the one who needs help as he struggles to accept reality. A Hetalia Fan-Fiction Sequel to New Life, Book III of...

  • Hetalia One-Shots!
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    One shots are here! You can come and request any ship your sweet little heart desires! I'll do everything but lemons! Come on and join this hetalia one shot wonderland of fun!!

  • The Secret
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    Everyone knows of the fierce competition the Soviet Union and United States were locked in for decades after the Second World War. The stockpiling of weapons, launching to space and other events that changed history. There was a secret, though, that the two personified nations did not even tell their bosses. A secret...

  • Hidden Troubles
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    Katniss and Peeta have been inside of Haymitch's house many of times. They have seen many things. Whether it was vomit, Haymitch passed out from one to many drinks, broken glass, broken furniture, and many other, usually unpleasant, things. There has always been one thing they never found in his house. They never want...

    1.4K 144 9

    I saw numerous stories like this, so I tried to give it a shot. This is a compilation of all my drawings that I make. I don't draw often, so updates will be slow. However, I made this book so I can have feedback. Every time I post a picture, please comment and tel me how it is. I am using this as an inspiration to kee...

  • According To You
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    America's relationship with England has been in trouble. America can't seem to make him happy at all anymore, and just maybe there's someone else that can make him feel loved. Someone else that thinks he is beautiful just how he is. Based from the song 'According To You ' by Orianthi. A Hetalia RusAme One-Shot Fanfiti...

  • My Drawings
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    My drawings, old and recent. You can all thank xAlienConfirmed for insisting to see my work. They're really awesome and are quite the artist!

  • Hetalia One-Shots [Requests Closed]
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    Hetalia One-shots of all kinds. Any pair, Any scene! Hetalia Fanfiction Cover art does not belong to me.

  • Alone Together
    4.1K 221 13

    Alfred knew moving was going to be tough, it wasn't like he hadn't moved before. At least, this time he knew someone in town. His cousins have promised to help him and his brother get accustomed to the new town. His parents, on the other hand, just want him to make some friends at his new high school. He may end up do...

  • The Fanfic Of Something
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    read rthis if u r looking for TRASH Mikei and Jack Jack are from my friends story. IF U READ THIS PREPARE FOR 11 YEAR OLD HUMOR IM SORRY I WQAS SUPER BORED WITH MY FRIEND ALSO THERE IS SWEARING please dont read this okay.