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  • The Nabican Series: Book 1: Tawaii
    117 4 1

    Is it possible for another world to be on Earth? Apparently so! Read this series to find out about the amazing and inspiring world of Tawaii. Tawaii is cleverly hidden away on Hawaii, but is not limited to it. In its own way, Tawaii is a world of its own. Meet brave giant tigers, fearsome dragons, graceful horses, fri...

  • The Nabican Series: Book 2: Life of a Nabicow
    103 4 11

    In this second book of The Nabican Series, read about Lana, the young Nabicow who is chosen by the Empress herself. She meets devoted mentors, a great Nabicow named Danny, and strange and wonderous people.Travel through the beautiful and glamorous capital of Tawaii, Talom(means 'tiger's point' in Nabican),Nabica.Journ...