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  • XO - A Spirk Fanfiction
    636 29 1

    Spock has a little more understanding of human customs than Jim Kirk gives him credit for. A cute little non-serious and slightly cracky reboot!Spirk piece I wrote a while ago and decided to share here.

  • Talk To Me
    2.3K 106 1

    Jim and Spock have only been Captain and Commander for a few months now. They may have save the Earth and Pike together but they can not seem to work together on normal missions. Pike knows what the duo can do and how much he has invested in defending them. He deems it time for an intervention. Couple's counseling sty...

  • T'hy'la (A Spirk Fanfiction)
    25.7K 1K 13

    •Currently under editing, fixing grammar/spelling mistakes• Spock is in love with Jim. His soft hair, his blue eyes, his selflessness, he's the only thing Spock can't suppress his feelings for. But how can he tell him? Jim's obviously in love with Carol....wait. Is he? Jim's future with Spock will be determined by one...

  • Genetics
    1.4K 62 3

    When Kirk is asked to go on a deadly mission, he discovers a conspiracy that could tear down the federation, and more. This is a Spirk fan fiction that takes place after Star Trek: Into Darkness. I don't own Star Trek in any way.

  • Blind (Star Trek: Spirk)
    2K 75 2

    You know, communication is rather important. Especially on a starship. Whoops.

  • Crash Landing - A Spirk Fic
    12.4K 837 13

    Earth, mid 22nd century. Anything not human is not only shunned, but locked up and either executed in the most painful ways possible, tortured to death or simply left to rot in a cell. All extraterrestrial life know the risks of getting too close to earth, and considering humans are currently content staying on earth...

  • Humanity (Spock/Kirk)
    28.2K 1K 10

    Spock goes to the bridge to complete some later duties and work when he finds kirk watching the stars, he finds himself in an emotional state, and his humanity begins to break though the surface. Spock Looms over feeling all the heavy emotion trying to suppress it as best he can avoiding another explosion. He is broug...

  • You're My Panacea
    1.6K 57 2

    Panacea (n.) -- A solution or remedy for all difficulties. Spock is a regular customer at McCoy's Blends, a small coffee shop located in San Francisco and run by a close friend, Leonard McCoy. He visits daily and knows the name of every worker, the name of every blend, and the best place to sit and get a beautiful vi...

  • Kirk/Spock: An Uncommon Error
    776 35 1

    My first post on Wattpad! Spock has a mishap. Slash oneshot from Star Trek reboot. I do not own these characters.

  • Comfort in Emotion //Spock Love Story
    14.3K 465 8

    Alicia is a Vulcan. But she isn't just an ordinary Vulcan: She's 1.6% human, with conflicting emotions such as love and fear, she's left in a world where she can only but learn of what real emotion is on her own. But as her and her closest friend, Spock, join Star Fleet together, and danger lurks, what'll happen to th...

  • The Beginning of The End
    130 9 1

    James T. Kirk-Captain of the USS Enterprise and his first officer Spock are into the first year of their five year mission in space. Jim is still recovering from after Kahn and is plagued by nightmares. They receive a mission of search and rescue of a crashed Federation vessel. Once they touch down on the planet where...

  • Commander
    1K 40 2

    A Spock/Kirk fanfic. Features the rest of the Bridge crew. Inspired by Kelly Rowland's Commander. Where the Enterprise crew can't help but compare their First Officer to a 21st century song, as illogical as it sounds.

  • Spirk Short fic
    2.6K 147 1

    Jim likes to pretend to be sleeping just to be able to quietly listen to his T'hy'la

  • Teach Me To Fly (Kirk/Spock)
    3.7K 118 4

    Jim Kirk Attempts To Jump Off The Highest Building On Earth In A Suicide Attempt. But when a strange, dark haired man finds him, his life begins to fill with mystical, unbelievable things, especially love. In a story about love, death, hardship, demons and angels, Jim and Spock's Relationship will be put to the ultima...

  • Entering Orbit (Kirk/Spock AOS)
    28.8K 1.1K 9

    Jim escapes to Iowa to avoid the media frenzy following the Narada incident, but a late-night miscommunication results in Spock turning up on his front porch. Written for the Kirk Spock Big Bang 2013. This version includes "Forty-Five Hours in Riverside," the mini-sequel.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Family Frontieer
    9.1K 388 14

    Earth, the final destination. This is a tale of Kirk and Spock. Their mission: to to try and not to kill each other or their children, and to boldly go where no marriage has ever gone before...

  • He Loves Me - Kirk/Spock TOS
    2.1K 97 1

    Kirk learns of Spock's true feelings to him. How will he react?

  • Love is Illogical ; Spock
    107K 4.2K 78

    "I'm sure we could find something to amuse ourselves with." He mused. "I mean it's only logical that we're productive." I added. "Precisely." he nodded. And our lips crashed together for the second time today. Esha is a science officer, fresh from and completely disillusioned with Vulcan. Spock is a first officer wit...

  • I'll Save You - Spirk
    78.9K 5.1K 84

    Spock is a half Vulcan-half human entering his third year at the star fleet academy. Ever since he was a child Spock was bullied for being different, and it would be completely illogical to think this year would be any different. James Tiberius Kirk is a human troublemaker who is transferring to star fleet academy af...

    Completed   Mature
  • String Theory (Spock/Kirk AOS)
    5.6K 270 5

    Spending time with James T. Kirk is very similar, Spock imagines, to entering the event horizon of a black hole: as a casual observer, you are unaware you have been caught in its gravitational pull until it is too late to do anything about it. AOS Pre-STXI Academy era close-canon AU. Or, What If Kirk Met Spock Before...

  • A Static Connection- A Spirk Fanfic
    30.7K 1.6K 10

    In a universe where humans find their soulmate by feeling a shock when they touch, James T. Kirk struggles to find the one person in this world who belongs to him. But after years of desperately searching, he finally gives up on his search. But now when he starts bumping into his First Officer and feeling a jolt every...

  • Reminiscent
    5.5K 272 3

    Jim didn't have the chance to finish his sentence before finally succumbing to the effects of the poisonous gas. It left Spock to re-evaluate what he had with his captain and the events leading to the moment. Reminiscing is such a human thing, and yet the half-Vulcan finds himself doing more and more of it.

  • The Doctor Lies - A Spirk Oneshot
    5.2K 194 1

    [SpockxKirk] Spock and Kirk have a fight, ending their relationship. Bones decides he's had enough and decides to step in. Can be read as Alternate! or Original!verse

  • Revolution - A Spirk Fic
    14.4K 851 23

    Vulcan, mid 22th century. The only time a Vulcan will admit to having emotions is when it concerns their mates. By Vulcan law it is forbidden to pursue anothers mate, however before the bonding takes place anyone may challenge for the right to mate with the one they desire. When Spock is challenged for the right to ma...

  • Marriage and Divorce - A Spirk Oneshot
    4.7K 143 1

    Spock and Kirk find themselves accidentally married, and set off to the homeworld to get divorced. Unfortunately that involves three months. Alone. In a house. Completely isolated. And married. How will this affect their relationship? Can be read as Alternate! or Original!verse

  • Spirk
    715 33 1

    This is just a little Spirk I started to write

  • Spirk Drabbles
    34.5K 2.1K 53

    You guessed it! Just some Spirk Drabbles.

  • And The Day Met The Night
    446 27 1

    AU: Jim is a genius surrounded by idiots. One word: bor-ing. his grades are dropping, and his mom resolves the issue by hiring a tutor. Little does Jim know that his tutor is far from boring.

  • Look at the stars
    5.4K 542 18

    This was my Spirk Drabble 'Host Family ' that has turned into a story! Thanks for reading guys, I hope I can make this as good as the Drabble!