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  • EPILOGÍ 'The Choice' (Mature; 18+)
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    #1 Maturestory 11/14/19 They all look me in the eye.."Now you choose. One of us? or none at all." ‐--------------- Epilogí - Greek Noun - Choice __________ Rachelle lost everything. She's only left with what little she had saved after the accident. Traveled far from the root of all her sadness, she decided to live aga...

  • Beyond Our World
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    "As to why we have wings and superpowers is still unknown, but I hope that eventually we will find the answers to what happened." -Anonymous Roman Lilith is a Shadow Bender. His family is known to have one of the most dangerous powers, other than gravity. Roman's mother left when he was just seven years old, and was...

  • A Legacy of Magic
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    In 1692, Mary Bradbury was tried, convicted, and sentenced to hang for the crime of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. She escaped, and with her a tome of unbridled arcane power. Centuries have passed since that day. The book has been passed down the family line from witch, to witch, to witch. Amber's grandmother wa...