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  • R
    315 23 2

    When his decade-long investigation of the spiritual beings that haunted him as a child leads him back to his childhood town, Leo Rutherford must face all the people and memories he's left behind. But along with uneasy family reunions come to light new revelations about the event that drew them apart in the first place...

  • A Gamble Of Paintings And Poison
    31.8K 162 17

    MAGGIE is a college girl who just wants to paint, stuck in a fantasy world where she must kill a queen to get home. KINDLE is a wayward dragon dealing with PTSD, an obsessive fairy queen, and a stalling rebellion. ELLE, who wants nothing more than to find her missing best friend, is stuck babysitting (not literally)...

  • Six Of Air (Queen Of Water: Book 2)
    11.5K 1.1K 28

    Seven months after the events that drove Meredith and Isaac apart, a new apparition appears, pleading for Meredith's help. There's just one problem: it involves Isaac and he wants nothing to do with the paranormal. Isaac is permanently scarred, both physically and emotionally after his ordeal at the lake. It's easier...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Breathe Salt
    39.5K 2K 51

    Lacey Waits has gotten too comfortable appealing to the good natures of the spirits she can communicate with. See, these spirits, they breathe salt on the little sills and doorways to keep the evil out. But when she moves back to Iowa for the spring and a little Jane Doe asks for her help in bringing justice to her gr...

    Completed   Mature