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  • The Book of Randoms
    94 4 3

    These are one-shots about any of the fandoms listed on my profile. I take requests as long as they are appropriate.

  • Our New Story- Riffnardo (West Side Story)
    9.1K 141 22

    The Jets and the Sharks are in ruins. Death, sickness, drugs, depression and memories of horror have taken their toll on these people. Their world has been torn asunder. Lovers have died, and drugs have come into the picture, along with teen pregnancy. It's bleak. Their leaders are gone. Their hope has been diminis...

  • In the Hamilheights Of 1812 and other Trash
    2.2K 371 90

    Come one come all to the dumb rant and Hamilheights book! Inspired by @whedonworshipper and @alexa_hamilton 's amazing books!

  • Hamilton Roleplay
    3.5K 76 44

    Hi guys welcome to my Ham RP book!

  • Hahaha Hamilton
    23.5K 4.1K 201

    The sequel to Hahaha Hamilton!!! You don't need to read the first one to understand this book, unless you want to get a better idea of my obsession with anything Lin-Manuel Miranda related! Previous book's highest ranking was #1 in random!