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  • Regina ✔️
    1.3M 69.2K 44

    "I'm not your princess." "You're right. You're my queen." #45 in Romance

  • I Never Stopped Loving You
    818K 25.6K 73

    Formally known as What They Don't Know We danced for a few songs and I turn around, my body still against him. He rest his hand on my booty and one of my arms around his neck and one hands on his chest. Our eyes staring at each other. I took my hand that was on his chest and slowly trailing it down his and then to the...

    Completed   Mature
  • HIS
    757K 36.2K 58

    "I wanna get to know you" I scoffed pushing him further away from me. "No you don't. You wanna know my body" I frowned gesturing towards me. He smirked and licked his lips as he pulled out a thick blunt. "That too" First Book, Second Book & Third Book all in one.

  • Arranged To Be Mine
    311K 15.4K 49

    UNDER EDITING!! BEING REWRITTEN! ¡¡¡THE REWRITTEN VERSION IS UP AND UPDATING!!! READ THE REWRITTEN ONE First Book In the To Be Mine series Just like a real relationship, they loved each other. Even though they were forced to at first. Bailey Barret is 20 year old who never asks for attention and never receives it...

    Completed   Mature
  • Misery Loves Company
    142K 11.1K 50

    Her name is Misery, and she does NOT want company. *** It's not every day sixteen year old Misery Hayes finds a rock band full of pretty boys on her door step. Actually, it's not every day Misery Hayes interacts with humans, because being named after an emotion Me...

  • Curing His Love Allergy| CHLA Series #1
    1.7M 84.1K 89

    ♡HR in Humor: #1♡ "What?" I began slowly. "Are you trying to make a joke or something?" He smirked at me. "Nope." "So you're allergic to love?" "Yes." "That makes no sense whatsoever," I snapped. "Sure it does, people are allergic to fish and peanuts so I'm allergic to love," he smirked arrogantly. ... "Okay then," I...

  • Healing Hands (#Wattys2018)
    57.7K 3.3K 38

    Emerald is offered the oppurtunity of a lifetime. As soon as she gradutates nursing school she has a job waiting for her. The only problem is, she has no idea what the job is and the man who offered it turns her into an anxious mess. Dante, or Mr. West, has recently taken over his fathers weapons company while his fat...

  • Alpha's Luna (Completed)
    209K 10K 31

    (HIGHEST RANK FOR ROMANCE #171) Ava is a seventeen year old girl just trying to take care of her five year old brother Trey. She is tired of looking for food. So what happens when her mom dies of an overdose. Ashton is the soon to be Alpha of the Red Moon pack. His father expands his pack and he ends up going to the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Badass Alpha Loves Curves
    473K 12.2K 28

    Mature Content (Abuse, Sex etc) "Sorry princess, I'll buy you new ones." I felt him smirk against my skin as he kisses wet trails down my neck. I played in his hair and rub his length through his torturous jeans. He was rock hard and you could see his bulge from a mile away at this point and all I want to go was pull...

  • Forced to Be His Princess (Stephen James)
    561K 15.5K 50

    In which a girl named Apollo Nova is selected to be marry Prince Stephen, Prince of Velder.

  • The Gray Case
    104K 6.1K 49

    When the apparently perfect Alexander Gray has to deal with family problems, secret enemies and unsolved mysteries, Maya Williams enters his life, picking up every single piece with him. She helps him find the key of the case which is hidden somewhere underneath the unknown and perhaps, along the way, they get a taste...

  • Meeting the Gangleader
    3.9M 95.5K 45

    One bad-ass gangleader, and one sassy 'good' girl. Let me introduce Adam. He's the leader of the most feared gang in town. He's handsome, and cold hearted towards everyone, until he meets her. Now let me introdue Brittany. She's a good girl that gets straight A's in school. She has abusive parents and is left to take...

  • Sold
    400K 13.3K 29

    #2 in Horror. /02.23.16/ I hear footsteps approaching me, pacing faster and faster making me look back quickly. I see a man in a black fabric mask wearing all black clothing. I widen my eyes beginning to run in the snow making my feet heavy. "Help! Somebody help me!" I scream in a cry looking around to find nobody on...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cellar
    23M 435K 33

    For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers can't survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out...

  • Sally (Book 1)
    1.1M 38.8K 50

    "Don't cry. We still have each other." Angela looked around her then froze and looked down to see her doll Sally smiling at her. Angela was shocked. "You talk ?" She smiled. "Of course I do. I was sent from the heavens to be your best friend. And nothing can tear us apart." Angela smiled and wiped her eyes off. She hu...

  • The Devil Child
    159K 9.3K 69

    Polly has a secret: she likes girls. Polly has another secret that she can't dare let out. She's been to Hell and back, suffering in a 'Pray The Gay Away' camp, and now she has finally escaped, only the horrors of her past are there to haunt her. And now, she lives with her aunt and uncle in a town where she's sure sh...

  • Revenge of a Dead Girl
    2.3M 101K 31

    Highest Rank: #1 in horror category. *a featured book "Just because I'm dead, doesn't mean I can't take my Revenge." Her only friend betrayed her, her boyfriend cheated on her, her parents abandoned her, her classmates bullied her. The whole world turned it's back against her. So a girl, with so many things to achieve...

  • Truth Comes Second
    4.1M 168K 44

    A sequel to Family Comes First by Mason FitzGibbon After Carrie telling the detectives about the abuse Tommy put her through, a search is out for Tommy and Jimmy. Julie is trying her best to keep the family's traditions secret, but the detectives have been in the basement. She gets caught up in a web of lies and has...