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  • Link X Reader One-Shots (DISCONTINUED)
    71K 1K 22

    I've no more inspiration/motivation for this story. I thought I could do more, but I just can't. I'm truly sorry. These aren't great, so I'm sorry for grammar mistakes and poor writing in general. I hope you can enjoy them nonetheless and maybe even check out my other books-? Thank you. [[My Quotev story that I felt l...

  • Link X Reader Images/Scenarios
    176K 1.9K 26

    I don't really know if these are considered scenarios, images, or preferences. I guess they are boyfriend scenarios/ preferences, so I'm gonna go with that. These are a collection of settings that people read over and over again in books. I am basically skipping all the 'fluff' and going strait to the sheet pulling, j...

  • Eternity [Link x Reader]
    187K 6.5K 30

    You didn't choose this, you didn't want this. But it was a destiny decreed by the Gods. You were his soulmate. You would love him through life, through death, and into the next one. It was an endless cycle where he'd never fall for you. But this time... Maybe this life will be different. Maybe this time he'll be the...

  • Destinies Entwined ||| LOZ
    73.5K 1.7K 22

    (GOING TO BE RE-WRITTEN) 《TP Link X Reader 》 When the worlds of day and night suddenly collide into one, your whole life is flipped upside down. Alongside the unspoken chosen hero Link, you must traverse through the land of twilight in hopes of saving the last golden light of Hyrule before it's too late. However, thin...

  • New Home; Link x Reader Fanfiction
    142K 4.8K 48

    This is a Legend of Zelda Fanfiction. It is based on Breath of the Wild, the newest installment in the franchise. // In Hateno Village, you didn't really see anything odd. There was the occasional scuffle between friends but for the most part, life was peaceful. However, one day, you decide to go collect some fruit do...

  • Silence (Karma X reader)
    240K 5.8K 18

    (L/n) (y/n) is a girl who stays silent all the time. But when she meets a certain redhead, her life changed for the better Karma X reader Disclaimer: I do not own Assassination classroom or you!!

  • I'll Be Waiting (Link X Reader - One Shots)
    103K 2.1K 38

    A series of one shots of Link x Reader in different scenarios! :) #7 in linkxreader | #81 in legendofzelda | #679 in scenarios

  • Empathy || 707 [EDITING]
    278K 13.2K 27

    All she wanted was revenge. The Han's had ruined Y/N's life over a year ago and nothing was going to get in her way... except a flirtatious and rambunctious red haired hacker. [x Reader] [Mature content] [Religious topics involved] [RANKING: #1 IN MYSTIC-MESSENGER 6/16/18]

    Completed   Mature
  • Bulletproof Heart {Dark Link x Reader}
    261K 8.5K 33

    When Dark Link accidentally pulls you into the world of The Legend of Zelda instead of your brother, he decides to put you to work as his one and only maid. Will you be able to deal with Dark's temper tantrums and near impossible tasks? Are you going to fall for the charming Prince of Darkness? Read to find out!

  • Forbidden Love; Its The Best Kind (Link x Reader)
    64.8K 2.6K 59

    It has been 27 years since Hyrule was taken over by a powerful kingdom named Amadahy, leaving Hylians to be treated worst than dirt itself. All of his life, Link had made sure to remember one thing: Don't ever disagree with someone of Amadahian blood unless you wished to be killed. 'Their horrible, heartless, people'...

  • 〈♡〉meliodas x reader
    360K 11.2K 69

    One peaceful day in your hometown of Cain Town, you idly accomplish chores at your humble home as your merchant parents are away at a different village. Suddenly, in the midst of tranquil silence, a booming disruption shakes the atmosphere and interrupts the life of the village. You run outside to check out the damage...

  • The Daughter of The Goddess | Link x Reader
    149K 154 7

    "The young goddess grew up amongst the descendants of those who served her mother, not knowing her true identity. She grew up alone in her adolescent years, fending for herself along the way and creating bonds with very few people. Seventeen years passed, and as the dominos of fate fell upon each other she began to l...

  • Silence Breaking
    27.7M 1.7M 50

    Family - the most important thing in the world, right? If it's your own, maybe. But if it's the family of the incredibly powerful, incredibly alluring businessman with whom you've been conducting a secret office affair, and they don't yet know about the affair, things are a little bit different. Life is about to get r...

  • 31 Days
    219K 11K 31

    31 days. 31 days to fall in love. The 31st to say good-bye, to break your heart. December ends, January begins. But those 31 days aren't going to leave you all that easily. -[-]- The 31 day challenge has been sweeping the nation. Teens all over Paris are participating in the challenge each month of 31 days. They...

  • A Bad Boy Stole My Bra- SAMPLE
    104M 2.6M 44

    A BAD BOY STOLE MY BRA is published and no longer available on Wattpad. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Indonesian as paperback and e-book internationally. It is also available as an adaptation on the app Episode - 'It Started With a Bra.' This copy has the first 3...

  • Mysterious Messages
    130K 5.4K 32

    This is a one-shot book for Mystic Messenger, an otome game created by Cheritz! I do not own any of the characters!!! I also do not own any of the pictures used!!! It will contain one-shots, funny pics, rants, fangirling, etc. sorry no lemons in this book! If you want a lemon please message me ;)! I'll make a separa...

  • 707 X Reader || One-shots [Editing]
    153K 3.5K 14

    One-shots of the Mystic Messenger character 707!