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  • When a Mafioso falls inlove (KHR Guy x Reader)
    282K 6.1K 39

    A KHR Guardian x Reader fanfiction. And some love stories too. There will be love triangles to see which guardian really loves you. Disclaimer: I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn by Akira Amano-sama. All rights reserved 2004-2012

  • Kuroko No Basket - Aomine x Reader ~ Life at Tōō Academy
    213K 9.7K 53

    *Also reader x Akashi Your Life at Tōō Academy, if you were in Kuroko no Basket. It just so happens that you've fallen for a particular blue haired idiot. 'The only one who can beat me is me' is all you and your best friend Satsuki hear, from none other than Aomine Daiki. But it doesn't seem like he cares about anythi...

  • Kyo Kara Maoh: My Twin Sister (EDITING)
    7.2K 137 5

    What if Yuri have a twin? And he never tell his friends about her? And what is his twin's secret??? Find out in KKM: My Twin Sister

  • Hana Kimi (super junior version) ENGLISH
    20.3K 450 29

    One day, you see Cho Kyuhyun as one of the high jump competitor in a track and field competition on TV and you become attracted to him. You are Korean girl who lives in the United States. You begin to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfer to Japan to attend the same school that Kyuhyun attends. There is a...

  • Hidden Trust (A Yu-gi-oh 5ds fan fic) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
    34.4K 1.3K 34

    ~Yu-Gi-Oh Wattys 2014 Winner~ Nestled in the middle of a raging ocean were two islands that were, in Sector Security Director Rex Goodwin's eyes, a reasonable distance apart. Nothing satisfied him more than to see two different classes of people separated into their proper places. The Satellite was where the criminal...

  • So The Games Begin [Ciel x Reader x Sebastian]
    609K 19.9K 22

    Ciel x Reader x Sebastian Black Butler --------------------------------- When Elizabeth brings her best friend (You) along to her stay at the Phantomhive Manor you find yourself stuck in quite a mess. You've caught both the eye of Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis. There are a few problems involved...

  • Mutant Love(X-Men First Class/Erik Lensherr)
    128K 3.9K 22

    Erica is searching for her little sister Sofia who was taken from her by Klaus Schmidt.Not only does she want to find her sister, she wants to kill Schmidt for what he did to her and her sister all those years ago.And during her search to find them she sees a familiar face. (©Copyright 2015)