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  • Soul Eater Lemon Yaoi stories
    239K 3K 18

    This story is about to guys having awesome sex and you have been warned this is a completed story so enjoy!

  • Soul Eater Kids (Soul Eater fan fic)
    291K 7.3K 42

    Now this Soul Eater fan fic is about the Soul Eater cast accidentally turning into toddlers after Blair's mysterious "moisturizer" Accidentally get's all over them! And now they have to track her down to get her to change them back! And what happens if Medusa finds out?! Can the Soul Eater crew survive this mayhem? O...

  • Soul eater sleep over party lemon (main guys x reader)
    104K 721 6

    LEMONS don't read it if you don't know what a lemon is and if you don't like sexual stuff. that was a warning. this consists of (Kid x reader) (Black*star x reader) (Soul x reader) and (Crona x reader) if there's any other one you would like me to make either message me or comment. ~~I do not own soul eater or any o...

  • Soul Eater Boys X Reader
    163K 4.5K 22

    First- 3 guys like you Second- Now your partner betrays you?! What will happen to your life now?!?! Will you be able to fix it? Or have your world fall apart and let your partner die? Which one is it? COMPLETE