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  • For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (PUBLISHED)
    30.4M 563K 54

    Published under Pop Fiction! Grab your copy! :)

  • A Flower With Seven Thorns
    764K 19.4K 79

    Seven rebels with their different stories changed by one broken girl, C who was given a task to ruin the success of others to achieve her own dream. A dream that was made because of a shattered and unrequited love. Dark Rebels is composed of seven talented men. Hope, with his lively attitude lies a struggle life behin...

  • St. Cloud State University: Venice
    1.4M 27.3K 54

    VENICE JAYNE - The Chubby Nerd All Right Reserved 2013

  • Still Into You - SCSU: Venice II
    454K 12.7K 43

    Everything changed for Venice in four years of existence in America but her heart remained cold. Maraming tao ang sumubok tunawin ang yelo sa puso n'ya pero hindi ito natinag. Just one person, one person from the past who will surely melt her coldness yet, will she allow him to melt it? Part one is ST. CLOUD STATE UNI...

  • SECRETLY BEAUTIFUL (Completed) [Editing]
    713K 12.1K 72

    Masakit isipin na hindi ka pala gusto ng taong mahal mo. Bakit nga ba kung sino pa yung mahal mo yun pa ang taong hindi ka mahal pabalik? Ang hirap talaga pagdating sa ganyang bagay aasa ka kahit alam mong wala naman talagang pag-asa. Iaasume mo na may patutunguhan pa kahit sinasampal na sayo na wala na.

  • HUGOT PA MORE Book 1
    56.1M 833K 199

    The heart was made to be broken