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  • League of Legends: Survival, Book 2
    3.3K 120 9

    Miyoko, also known as Summoner Rek'Sai, has become the crown Princess of Avaron. In order to keep peace between the Avaronians and Summoners, she has become Prince Esgar's wife, as the boy she truly loves is forced to watch, longingly. As Princess her duties are many, and as the daughter in law to a King who despise...

  • League of Legends - Lores
    158K 2.4K 141

    All the League of Legends lores and MORE!!! ~Hunni

  • Trapped Inside - A League of Legends Fanfiction
    667 12 12

    What happens when a boy gets suck inside League of Legends? Will he survive and befriend everyone? Join him ( not the narrator ) into the adventures his life will get to I don't own the picture btw Copyright: I do not own L.O.L. and any of its property.

  • Here Comes Vi (League of Legends)
    3.8K 140 8

    Sequel to Get Jinxed. Link to Get Jinxed here: It's been 6 months since the last day in the Underground. Caitlyn is finally released from the hospital after being treated both physically and mentally. Yet her first case back on the job ends up being t...

  • Get Jinxed (League of Legends)
    21.2K 294 16

    Vi finally gets the elusive Jinx in custody, but trouble follows this Loose Cannon everywhere. See what happens in Piltover as our three heroines watch the city become a battlefield.

    Completed   Mature
  • League of Legends: Survival. Book 1
    22.9K 630 23

    Miyoko is a strange girl. She has no last name she can remember, and she grew up in an orphanage for her entire life. Though people think she dyed her hair, in reality, it's actually her natural hair color. And her red eyes disconcert many people.. as if she were the spawn of some monster. The only thing she has.. the...