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  • SpongeBob Songs
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  • Top 10 BEST Spongebob Songs!
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    ever wondered if someone likes the same music as you? especially Spongebob's songs? Well, here is my top 10 list of my favorite Spongebob songs! I hope some of you guys can relate! PLEASE keep in mind that everything mentioned here is MY opinion and not to be taken as a fact or anything! Thank you~ Happy reading~~

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    Wattys2016 Just anything random and stuff I find funny! DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY SECOND BOOK! #311 in Random at 06-28-2016 Completed on August 31, 2016

  • Hallway Of Doors
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    Will and Annie Rider have quit the hero business but when there daughter, Diana and two of her friends accidentally find a portal to different dimensions they get a little bit curious and when a man in the portal knows the Diana's parents they get a lot more curious. Join the three friends as they have fun, go on adve...

  • What if and questions!
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    Just a story of what ifs, questions and random things I find.

  • Super Zeros
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    Three orphans, best friends, two are heroes and one is a villain, Katrina was different than other girls, she likes to fight, steal and prank. But when her two friends are adopted she runs away only to run into catwoman. Violet was orphaned when her parents were shot. So a police officer took her and her sister into...